Exchange Diaries: A Japanese Student’s Perspective

Exchange Diaries: A Japanese Student’s Perspective

Contributed By: Miho Tanaka
Edited By: Anirudh Agrawal

My name is Miho Tanaka and I am an exchange student from the International University of Japan. I am the only Japanese student at IIM Bangalore. It has been a month since I came to India and I had an amazing time with plenty of pleasant surprises.

First of all, the biggest thing I was surprised to see was the rapid pace at which India has developed in the past few years. I had visited India seven years ago and had travelled alone to Taj Mahal, New Delhi, Kolkata, Ganges River, Mumbai and Bangalore. Things were different back then. Earlier, the auto-rickshaw used to charge me ten times the price on the guidebook and the night trains or buses were generally late by more than 10 hours. I also had a scary moment when I arrived at the Kolkata station alone in the middle of the night. Besides, before coming here, I thought that I had to wear full-length clothes.

Miho in her travels to Chennai

Seven years later, I am surprised to see the ease with which you can travel around comfortably in an Ola/Uber. When I went to Chennai last week, I was able to ride the train on time comfortably! I also love to use Swiggy! It comes in handy whenever I want to order food. I can wear the same casual clothes that I wear at my university in Japan. Parties on campus are far more frequent than my university and I enjoy them every time.

Secondly, I noticed that the Indian students, as well as exchange students, got along really well. My laptop stopped working in the first week itself due to which I had difficulty in submitting documents and accessing study material. However, both the Indian students and exchange students helped me a lot.
Other things I liked about IIMB were the facilities available here: Geysers for hot showers, delicious meal in the mess, sports facilities, training for yoga classes and the beautiful lush green campus. I am simply amazed by the goodness of the environment at IIMB!

Before I came to India, all my Japanese friends asked me “Why India? Why do you want to go there?”. Every time I answered that IIMB is the best university and I can make connections with Japanese companies which have expanded their businesses in India. But I realized that it was not the only reason. I wanted to come because I like this country. I have heard that some students from IIMB will be travelling to Japan as a part of their course. I really hope you guys like my country, the food and the people. I am looking forward to seeing you in Japan!

Miho Tanaka is an exchange student for PGP 2018 at IIM Bangalore