Old Memories, New Beginnings – New Year 2018!

Time is a curious thing. When we are living through it, it seems infinitely unending yet when we turn back to see at how far we have come you get that feeling of how time has flown. Time carries us all unknowingly on its wings of wonder until once in a while we look up and find ourselves on this incredible journey.

That is what a New Year’s Day is to me – Nostalgia of the year gone by and the Nervousness of the one to come. As I ponder back on 2017, it has been a rollercoaster of a year – well you can say that of anyone who is at IIM Bangalore. The college gives us a good share of ups and downs as the days fly by till you are looking at 31st December already. Nevertheless, there is still that aura of enthusiasm that hangs in the air as people bustle around to get prepped up for the new year. The stalling of classes, the shopping for the night and the next day, the sunny chatter that goes about – everything leading up to that clock striking 12 is just that – striking.

This year Canvas Club, the Art Club of IIMB, organized a ‘Canvas Carnival’ that brought out the artistic side of the sudents by indulging them in some New Year decorations on the campus, making calendars and making the whole place colorful to welcome the new year. Also, as always, the Cultural Committee of IIMB organized a New Year Eve bash at the famed L Square for the students. The atmosphere was electric with high energy songs, a celebratory cake and folks in shimmering outfits accessorized with a big smile! People got together right before the midnight to countdown the incoming year in unison. And as the crowd shouted down the numbers in reverse, you could almost envision the whole year that had passed by –  the lectures, the trips, the fights, the friendships, the cases, the late nights, the parties and what not. We were all reliving the best moments that made up the year 2017.

And within a second the date changed to 2018 although it all seemed the same. I suppose that is the best part about a New Year, when you get to celebrate it with the ones who got you through the previous one and make you look forward to the next one. All that really changes is what you are going to do with that new day, that new light. Because as they say “The book is called Opportunity. And its first chapter is New Year’s Day.

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