I wish I could say it… (by Rajbarath, PGP 2015-17)

– Rajbarath (PGP 2015-17)

There are certain things which one would want to say explicitly but simply can’t and this is one among those innumerable personal battles fought in the heart, but in the drumbeat around, is lost. Our first term of college was all about knowing each other and we gave it a fancy term, called it networking! The challenge was to work your way to the top without giving in to the easier means of pulling down the guy at the helm. Maybe a few of us did that well, maybe a few of us succumbed to the temptation and there were a few shrewd ones who did succumb but still put on a face that it was their rightful degree sans RG-giri.

Then we moved on to the rat race that is the second term. We did hear statements like – “You will find your best friend this term, the one who stands by you in your adversity, the one brings in alacrity.” How so true it was! That guy who sat next to us to explain the simplest of concepts to the dumbest of brains, how can we ever forget him? Post placements was paradise. A few hits, a few misses, net-net, all kisses – that’s the most parliamentary I can be without crossing the line. Then came the third term. After ramp-up in first, roast in second, it was time to revel in the third. We gathered those precious moments that define your college life. We did get some help from a group of ‘chosen’ ones that proclaim – they aim to entertain.

Be that as it may, that was the term our friendships forged. Fast forward two months of ‘eventful’ experience, we were back in campus after summers. Lucky ones had waited in Bangalore, not so lucky ones had wilted in Mumbai. Then came those precious calls and emails – class groups buzzed with congratulatory greetings. A moment of accomplishment, a moment of pride, a moment of bliss and an eternity of relief. Just then when we thought we have our friends to share our elation, we realized things were not rosy for everyone. Then started the slow but painful retreat of our loved ones into their own four walls, away, aloof. The one who we wished would go away, shares the table with us, but the ones who enlivened every dinner and discussion are lost in the mundane drudgery of academic rigor. What’s more agonizing is that even a normal lunch conversation is laced with discomfort. We never felt that way talking to them ever before. Why don’t they come out of it and be like before ? – it is easier said than done. Unfortunately, the smart minds that we are, unlike animals that aggregate in adversity, we don’t. We know things will change, things will be better but I only wish the change happens sooner! Before half of us become nomads in the fifth term, I wish we sort it out. Things that were so important a few years ago are tea time conversations now. The same is bound to happen again. Let’s just hasten the transition. After all, life is too short to keep it to ourselves!

About the author:

Rajbarath is a PGP student @ IIMB and a freelance writer. He writes articles, poetry and reviews mostly reflecting on what happens around him. He weaves content, humor and emotion in his writings and generously sprinkles them with sarcasm. Read more in his blog: https://barathscribbles.wordpress.com/

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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