Internship Diaries of 2021: Consulting at McKinsey & Co

Internship Diaries of 2021 is a series about the various categories of roles offered by companies for summer internships. We bring to you the experiences of interns from Consulting, Finance, Marketing, General Management, Product Management and E-commerce roles to understand a bit more about their work life. The articles are meant to give the reader a glimpse into the life of an intern and help the reader understand their fit in that particular role.

Contributed by: Priyank Dedhia

Priyank Dedhia is a Chartered Accountant and have cleared all 3 levels of CFA. He previously worked at Deutsche Bank in their Investment Banking Department where he was responsible for M&A and Debt Capital Markets deals.

Edited by: Lakshmi R V

I worked on launching the e-commerce delivery platform for one of the largest retail chains in India. Initial product design and assistance turned into a full-fledged PMO project which encompassed handling operations, marketing as well as benchmarking customer journey with various peer companies to develop and enhance our product experience. My co-workers were readily approachable. They made the journey very smooth starting from initial onboarding and bringing on-speed to the project. The two months were highly collaborative and support was available from the hiring team, buddies as well as college seniors.

As a virtual internship, the experience was interesting to learn from. From the technical point of view, the firm had already made arrangements for devices well beforehand and adequate training had been provided to us on how to use everything. From an experience point of view, you miss the actual brainstorming environment where you work with colleagues but long hours become much easier since you’re home the whole time.

The internship helped me inculcate a structured approach for problem-solving and also instigated the importance of top-down communication which goes a long way in meetings with clients as well as your colleagues. There were stages where finding an answer to the problem was very difficult for me. In such a case brainstorming with your manager and also, reaching out to colleagues beyond your working team becomes very helpful in making your life easy.

My main expectation was to learn about the consulting domain, experience the work-life, and help me decide whether the same is the right career path for one’s future. The internship provides an elaborate sneak peek thus, enabling you with answers to make a decision.

To aspirants of the consulting domain, a pro tip from my side would be to follow a structured approach in the conversations, practice cases and reaching out to as many people as possible. Networking will be key for you to prep for the sector better. With the virtual set up, being proactive in networking will be essential to your success.

Priyank and Lakshmi are students of the PGP 2020-22 batch at IIM Bangalore.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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