Milan 2021

Contributed by: Yamuna M and Samhitha Khatravath

Edited by: Debleena Mondal

They say that teaching is not just filling a pot but igniting a fire. The professors in IIMB are the spark, that sets one ablaze with awakening each time we get to see their sagacious knowledge. Our professors here do not share with us just a typical affiliation of a teacher and student, but rather are more like influencers who set the right environment for us to think. They look at us with unlimited possibilities and at times, give us the much-needed push to believe that we are more capable than what we think. They have forever been the heroes of IIMB and have relentlessly piloted us in travelling that extra mile, where it is never crowded.

To celebrate this beautiful relationship, IIMB students and professors come together each year for the most entertaining and exciting event “Milan”. As the name suggests, it’s the ‘milan’ of the student’s community with the Professors, and together they put up a wonderful show for the audience. The 3rd edition of this event brought to us the hidden talents of the IIMB community with performances in classical, folk, kathak, singing, poetry and dancing. The spectacular solo folk singing performance by Prof. Seema Gupta set this online event to a great start. The highlight of the day was the reverse role play skit performed by professors & students that surely made the PGP1s realize that “Professors really know everything about us (even when we are far-far away :P)”. This filled everyone’s hearts with fun filled memories, that they can hold dear for a lifetime. The students had a chance to dictate deadlines to the professors while collaborating and this made everyone realize that deadlines are indeed sacrosanct at IIMB. The amazing Kathak performances, the old classics sung by prof MS Rajagopalan, heart touching poetry by students and the hosting by our own PGP chair made everybody’s day.

In all, it was a wondrous evening, with many giggle-worthy and cherishable moments. The legacy of this annual event has continued through tough times and is now eagerly awaited until the next time.


Yamuna and Samhitha are students of the PGP 2020-22 batch at IIM Bangalore.

Debleena is a student of the PGP 2019-21 batch at IIM Bangalore.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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