One night at IIMB


Shreyas Ranganath (PGP 2013-15) on his one night at IIMB!

Night in IIMB

When your beautiful eyes met mine
Life felt totally divine
Is this what they call cloud nine?
With a silver lining in seeing others jealous and calling me a swine?

The warmth of the conversation overpowered the cold
My watch reminding me we were growing old
Left with many interesting stories untold
Enchanted and lucky I was to have your hand to hold

Our focus shifted from the job at hand
To a path not knowing where we’d land
A path that made me realize the world was bland
Taking a leap of faith and hoping my feelings did not stand on loose sand

Why did that night have to end?
To remind me that dreams formed with reality a good blend?
To discover that she already had a boyfriend?
With guilt I withered knowing my actions I could not amend
Back to life grounded realizing what captivating eyes usually portend