Sangharsh 2018- The Battle Begins

Sangharsh started all the way back in 2007 as a sports tournament between IIMA and IIMB. In 2011, IIMC and IIML joined the roster, making it the tournament it is today. 2018 would be the 12th edition of the sporting fest, with IIMA winning the maximum number of times, followed by IIMB, IIMC, and IIML. The 2017 edition was held in IIMC, with the hosts emerging as winners followed by IIMB as the runner-ups, followed by IIML and IIMA respectively.

Sangharsh follows a unique system with multiple medal and non-medal sporting events. Then non-medal sports are generally played for 2-3 years before being accepted as medal sports by general consensus. This year features 21 medal and 5 non-medal sports.

Three non-medal sports including Hockey, Athletics and Futsal were played in the 2017 edition. With athletics being dropped this year, 3 new events were added, with a special focus on women’s sports. The new events include women’s Cricket, women’s Tennis, and Kho-kho with a minimum required number of women participants. This is supplemented by a large number of already existing women-only sports like badminton, basketball, volleyball and other major sports of the like. Sports such as Carrom and chess have mixed teams with no compulsions of gender.

The teams of IIMB have been practicing intensely this year, with every team practicing with full strength and determination despite the ongoing lateral placements and the many other academic commitments. IIMB hopes to lift the trophy this year, and are prepared to fight out the intense competition expected from all three opponents. IIM C, the winners last year hope to retain their title with full rigor, while IIMA is rumored to have been practicing for the tournament right from the month of October. IIML remains as ever, the dark horse, ready to upset the best of strategies.

“We expect every team to perform fantastically on the field, and also hope there are no off-field issues of any kind. At the end of the day, the players are MBA students from the best institutes of India and are expected to be mature enough to not bring the on-field squabbles, which are obviously expected and a part of the game, outside the field. Let’s hope for an injury free, and exciting tournament”, says Ganesh, the Sports Secretary of IIMB.

With every team primed to perform their best, the whole event is expected to be a spectacle to watch.

-By Chandrashekar M, Junior Coordinator, Student Media Cell, PGP 2017-19, IIMB

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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