Team SMC – The Mettle Behind the Media Cell of IIMB

Contributed By: Junior Coordinators of Media Cell, IIMB
Edited By: Anirudh Agarwal

The strength of media is in its ability to connect and collaborate within entities. The avenues that it opens up are multifold and this is why it is such an important platform for potential. Considering this, the Student Media Cell of IIM Bangalore was formed almost 15 years ago with the aim of communicating the ongoings of the world inside the campus walls to the world outside and vice versa. Now, more than a decade later, the club continues to be the brand ambassador of IIMB and its students by showcasing the life at ‘The Place to B’ through various channels like the student blog – BHeard, Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and third party media collaborations. But as often as we are the behind the scenes brains, it is also required to acknowledge the team that drives the brand. So here is around up of this year’s Junior Coordinators of Media Cell, IIMB!

Arun Nayan Singh, PGP 2018-2020

Arun Nayan Singh is enthusiastic about practically everything under the sun but has a terrible memory and a bad sense of direction. Consequently, he is always discovering new ways of reaching familiar destinations. When he is not taking a nap – during the break between the lectures or any other time he can find – he is reading something or the other. Like any other technology enthusiast, Arun is usually on the fence about getting a new gadget (until he checks his bank account and decides to go back to sleep). He can be contacted at any of the major social platforms. If he is awake (which is not that often), he replies quickly.

Akanksha Dewakar, PGP 2018-2020


Akanksha Dewaker was born without a lazy bone; then engineering happened. A self-proclaimed expert in sociology, she loves books, philosophy, shouting from roof tops and most of all, gossiping. She used to spend most of her time day dreaming, but since IIMB is for fulfilling dreams, she can be found running around to check off items on her infinite to-do list. Akanksha is a conservative at heart and liberal at mind. Her favourite quote- “I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.”


Karthick Selvan, PGP 2018-2020


Born in 94 at the dawn of an electronic era, Karthick Selvanaka Mr.Stark never thought he would become an official partner holding a share in the social media pie of IIMB. Being a mechanic, he abided by the law of thermodynamics and never achieved 100 % efficiency. Karthick mastered time keeping by working for a Titan that still doesn’t have all the 5 infinity stones. The silver arrows for speed, mintonette for fitness and dry green scripts to kindle the soul are all his claims.



Soubhagya Behera, PGP 2018-2020

What you identify most with Soubhagya Sagar Behera is his infectious energy. He enters the class with a smile. Front bencher in class, back bencher at heart. He survives more on coffee than he does on food. He changes clothes 4 times a day. A geek with interests ranging from comic books to fantasy to ancient Greek mythology. Spend 5 minutes with him and he would change the topic at-least 4 times. Soubhagya cannot maintain eye contact for more than 30 seconds, but listens to every word you say. You would probably see him roaming around IIM Bangalore with headphones in his ear, camera in his hands and the next punchline in the deep dark recesses of his mind. Feel free to contact him for any medical advice but beware of the imminent sarcastic comment.

Nihar Akunuri PGP 2018-2020


Nihar Akunuri is a social-media strategist who has, in the past, used his creative advertising skills to generate footfall for his college-fests and to power his own business. He comes up with quirky catch-phrases and slogans that are bound to push anyone to action. He is a fan of P.G. Wodehouse, an icon among the writers of the humour genre. In this day and age of super-cool gadgets, Nihar still prefers to sit down with a physical book rather than an e-book. Nihar also loves to write and his (closet) writing skills are just about to go mainstream as he becomes a newly-minted member of the Media Cell.


Ravi Ranjan PGP 2018-2020

Meet the person who induces life in the most inanimate objects through his lens, Ravi Ranjan. An accidental engineer but a photographer by choice. His motto in life is “Explore… Capture… Learn”. Even though he explores a lot and captures less, he has managed to present some mesmerizing pics and videos of the campus. When Ravi is not romancing with his Camera he may be seen running around making arrangements. “A man with a plan!”, party plans mostly. This guy is fond of building memories and sharing happiness. “Afterall, Its the time we invest and the memories we earn that makes all the difference!” is the way he puts it.

Ashay Sinha PGP 2018-2020


Ashay Sinha, often confused with Akshay, is passionate about writing and has discharged responsibilities as the Editor-in-chief of the Editorial Board during his undergraduate studies. He’s an avid reader and considers Jhumpa Lahiri as one of the most phenomenal authors of our time. Ashay’s into mobile photography and looks forward to opportunities where he can capture breath-taking architectures. When he’s got enough time to kill, he answers on Quora, writes poetry and binge-watches Friends. He is greatly inspired by Maya Angelou.


Arunabh Kalita PGP 2018-2020

Words would fail to describe Arunabh Kalita as he is a man of few words! He is a Math grad, proud founder of two failed start-ups, and had a three-year stint at Myntra, where the one thing he probably learnt was to “look good”. When not napping away in his bed or munching on snickers and snacks, you would probably find him at the gym lifting weights. An avid fitness freak, foodie, a classic rock lover and a rookie guitarist, Arunabh is always up for jamming (on condition that you like Guns n Roses). He also likes to play cricket and Table Tennis whenever he manages to squeeze out some time. His role model is a fictitious combination of Batman, Iron Man & Sherlock Homes. Take that, DC & Marvel! He lives by the motto, “Carpe Diem” or Seize the Day, which in his context translates to Sleep All Day!

So there you are. This is Team SMC. We are the Storytellers of IIMB and We know What’s Trending!

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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