The Journey to IIMB: Keep on Fighting!

‘The Journey to IIMB’ is a series of inspiring stories about a vehement journey each student embarks to land at the Place to B. We bring to you some of these beautiful experiences from the current 1st year batch of PGP and PGPBA students.

Contributed by:  Srinath Vigneshwar K

Edited By: Yamuna M

Growing up I had a plethora of opportunities. My mom, who came from a very humble background grew up to good ranks in Customs Office, Chennai. She made sure that I’m not just academically oriented but be an all-rounder, with exposure to music and sports. I always hated the early morning practice sessions but had no idea how they’d mold my personality for the better.  She was extremely humble, polite, caring and jovial. People would love her company. She is my best friend.

One day she went to seek the advice of an office colleague, whether she should enroll me into IIT coaching, to which the colleague said it would be a waste of money. We took it personal yet remained casual and smiling. But on the inside, I somehow knew that I really wanted to get into an IIT/NIT. I worked really hard and it was all going fine until one day when I confronted the news of my mother’s stage 3 cancer diagnosis. However, she kept mum through her pain for days just to make sure that I don’t get scared.

The whole script flipped then. I didn’t make it into any top college and decided to do my engineering in a Tier-2 college in Chennai itself so that I could spend my time looking after her. I spent most of my engineering days studying in the floors of local trains or even outside the waiting halls at the hospital. We were all both emotionally and financially burdened and I was forced to get out of my comfort bubble and learnt to survive the hard way. I developed a strong sense of ethics, empathy and interpersonal skills. I told my mom that she has to get through this alive so that she can inform that colleague one day that I, may have missed IITs, but have made it into the Holy Trinity (IIM A,B,C) – especially IIMB – to which she smilingly said “One day you may.”

I was working late hours at my job, post engineering. I knew it deep within that I should pursue an MBA but found it difficult to prepare for CAT-19. The only difference this time, from my engineering days, was that I was practicing for CAT on the Metro. God bless the Metro AC. Things didn’t go out as planned and I was shattered. I did get some good colleges later that year but decided to give CAT another shot, for I knew deep down inside that it was my unfinished business.

Apparently, I’ve always had the stone walls from IIM-B as my cell phone wallpaper. I was shocked when my sister pointed it out from the several screenshots that I had sent her earlier, that the walls on my wallpaper were indeed the stone walls of IIM-B. It blew my mind. I had set that wallpaper years ago when I made the promise to my mom and had even forgotten about it.

Though my mom is not around today, I’m sure that she is smiling at my fighting spirit from up there. If I’m anything like my mom, I’m a fighter too.

Yamuna and Srinath are students of the PGP 2020-22  and PGPBA 2021-23 batch at IIM Bangalore.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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