The money man at IIM Bangalore

SMC’s Senior Correspondent Vidhi Bhardwaj reports the guest lecture delivered by former RBI Governer Mr. D Subbarao at IIMB

The former Governor of RBI, Mr. D Subbarao, addressed the students of IIM Bangalore on 9th July, 2014, where he spoke about the dilemmas in central banking and gave a perspective for the same from the angle of emerging markets. It included concerns like curbing the exchange rate volatility and striking the right balance between growth and inflation. He pointed out that communications by the RBI to the public play a huge role in setting positive or negative public sentiments which in turn impact the economy. Hence, during his tenure as the RBI Governor, Mr. Subbarao endeavored to demystify the RBI and enhance its transparency. In addition, he also gave few insights into the challenges faced by rural India and the obstacles encountered in addressing them.

The talk received an overwhelming response from both the students and the faculty and was followed by a plethora of questions by inquisitive minds of the institution. Mr. Subbarao left an inspirational message for the students saying, “Success is important, but values are more important”.

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