The New Faces of Student Media Cell, Batch of 2022

Contributed by: Lakshmi R V

Edited by: Chinmayee Dawre

The first window into IIM Bangalore for most students is through the impeccably handled social media platforms. The Instagram page beautifully capturing campus moments, media articles about placement statistics, and the latest about the best MBA fests at IIMB, all of which contribute to shaping the inspiration of many to set foot within the stone-walled campus. For students and alumni alike, these platforms are a matter of pride, as they portray their alma mater in all its glory.

It is the time of year when the Student Media Cell of IIM Bangalore passes on the baton of responsibility to the new crop of future media experts to keep the brand of IIMB glowing. Take a sneak peek at the people behind the scenes of all social media, online blogs, and B-Heard, the ones that drive the wheel of the IIMB brand.

Bavleen Kaur

The first member to join the wagon is Bavleen Kaur who enjoys awkward situations (in hindsight) and claims to love people who use the moon emojis and laugh on the silliest of things. An electrical engineer, she worked in J.P. Morgan for a year and lives life following her “Stay Weird” motto. A content writer, grammarista and detail-oriented person, she wishes to try out all facets that SMC works in.

 Samhita Khatravat

Samhitha Khatravath believes that “There’s nothing a good nap can’t fix”. An electrical engineer from IIT Hyderabad, she joined IIM Bangalore as a fresher. Sam, as she’s known to her friends, finds herself solving sudoku puzzles, reading thrillers or watching TV series in her free time. She joined SMC to put her best foot forward in the new challenges and responsibilities.

Aastha Bisht

Bringing onboard – Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice – Aastha Bisht, who is a Mechanical Engineer and passionately believes that picking anyone over Roger Federer is simply blasphemy. She is known to have non-stop conversations about any topic you bring up and is completely incapable of standing or sitting still. She is ardent about upping the game in the Podcast Series.

Anvesh Godavarthi

Had he not fallen into the traps of MBA, Anvesh Godavarthi would have followed his love for movies and become the next Christopher Nolan of India. His pictures will be the ones to watch out for on-campus as he gives us the best of his photography skills and will soon rule over IIMB’s official social media accounts.

Sharvari Dabahade

As reactive as sodium and as friendly as carbon, Sharvari Dabhade describes herself as selectively extroverted, a happy-go-lucky soul, and a big-time foodie. A chemical engineer from ICT Mumbai, she enjoys calligraphy and keyboard in her free time.  With a prior work experience in marketing, she is eager to bring the experience of branding and marketing in the working of SMC.

Abhijeet Bagade

The baby of the bunch, fresher Abhijeet Bagade is a proud owner of a Honda Navi. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur and strongly believes that “4 wheels move your body, but 2 wheels move your soul”. A celebrity in his hometown, Malkapur, he is angrily called Abatlya by his mother. He is looking to proactively work on anything and everything he can in the club.

Roshni Lohiya

A neat freak and chemical engineer Roshni Lohiya, worked in Deloitte for 3 years, before stepping into the stone walls. She is known to confuse people by talking really fast and would beat you any day at a cards game. She brings with her bounds of enthusiasm to learn all that the club has to offer and give in her best.

Soumyadeep Das

Another sleep addict, Soumyadeep Das, has 5 months of work experience as a Chemical Engineer. He is the one to go-to for food suggestions and to enjoy a cheat day with. He’s the in-house video editor, and the world will soon see his photography and videography skills all across the IIMB pages.

Jawahar Madugula

Jawahar Madugula, a computer science engineer, will dare you to a game of FIFA and beat you any day of the week. He is fondly called simply as J by his close friends. He is always cracking mindless puns and loves running and sketching. Jawahar joined SMC with the hopes of giving the IIMB brand the best of his design skills and is already working on designing the club hoodies.

Aishwarya Nair

Poet Aishwarya Nair is also obsessed with crime fiction and has claimed to come up with perfect methods to commit crimes and get away with it. The key elements of Aish’s writing are simplicity and randomness. She can find poetic lines in the most random of situations and is soon going to be the pen behind most of B-Heard.

Aman Berlia

Aspiring space enthusiast, Aman Berlia dreams of dying of old age on Mars. A chemical engineer from IIT Bombay, he has worked for 4 years as a Project Manager at Huntsman Corporation. You can find him exploring beaches on long bike trips or gazing at the night sky in his free time. Ask him why he’s called Chacha, and you might get to hear an anecdote about his theatre skills. He is here to capture the happenings at the campus and share the best moments with everyone.

Vinit Kumar

In-house chef, Vinit Kumar is still confused if he is an extrovert or introvert. Before IIMB, our Winnie the Pooh was a computer science engineer who worked as a software developer for a year. He loves humans and loves making people laugh. He wishes to capture and portray the emotions of IIMB and the humane side of the campus to the outside world at SMC.

Lakshmi R V 

The only non-engineer of the bunch, Lakshmi R V was a public relations expert for a year. She is slightly obsessed with stationery and proudly owns 9 different colours of just highlighters. A multi-talented artist, ‘Lux’ hopes to bring to SMC her previous work experience of handling brands into IIMB. A hugger by nature, she has made it a rule that she is only greeted with hugs and is available for a conversation even at 4 AM.

Yamuna M.

Last is another electrical engineer, Yamuna M. She spends more time making up her mind on what to watch than actually watching anything. She is always up for interesting conversations on life, philosophy, and music and believes that the greatest knowledge to have is different peoples’ stories. She is here to slay with her content writing and is keen on working over Podcasts.

Bavleen, Samhita, Aastha, Anvesh, Sharvari, Abhijeet, Roshni, Soumyadeep, Jawahar, Aishwarya, Aman, Vinit, Lakshmi and Yamuna are students of the PGP 2020-22 batch at IIM Bangalore.

Chinmayee is a student of the PGP 2019-21 batch at IIM Bangalore.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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