Vista 2013- Excelsior, Be firm to run your firm

Strategy is easily one of the most important concepts that comes into play every day, yet goes virtually unnoticed. Right from making one’s ‘To-do’ list to taking multi-billion dollar business decisions, strategic thinking is crucial to the point of being inevitable. To commemorate its significance in business world, IIMB presented ‘Excelsior’ a game to test strategic thinking in the areas of finance, marketing and operations, given a firm to lead by yourself. The game witnessed 5 teams from IIMC, IIML, IIMK, FMS Delhi and IIMB, battling it out for the position of the ultimate champions (Excelsior meaning ever upward) in the battleground of Vista ’13. With each team armed with specialists from Finance, Operations and Marketing who were selected by an innovative bidding process, the event took off to a great start on its first day.

The teams represented different firms whose future lay in the strategies put forward by these players. On the 1st day of the event, the functional skills in areas of finance and operations were tested rigorously by three judges who were experts in investment banking, M&A and other areas of finance. The 2nd day of Vista holds in store, even more competitive rounds in marketing and general strategy. Being a two day event, Excelsior will come up with the overall winners and winners in each domain on its 2nd day. Imbibing the reach of strategy in every functional area, we must agree with what Leon Trotsky once said, “You may not be interested in strategy, but strategy is interested in you”. Indeed.

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