You Are Somebody’s TYPE!

July 8, 2015

You are Somebody’s TYPE – it was with this slogan that ‘Vikasana’, IIMB’s 25 year old social service initiative, organised a Blood Donation Camp on campus today in association with the Sankalp India Foundation.

The camp witnessed widespread participation from the entire IIMB community, including faculty, staff, and students from all academic programs.


In what was a heart-warming sight, enthusiastic donors started queuing up outside the camp site even before collection started at 10am. Mudit Mishra, PGPPM student at IIMB and the first person to donate blood at the Camp, said he donates every year because “it feels good to save lives”.

Donors contributed a total of 115 units of blood at the camp. All collections shall go to Victoria Hospital, a public hospital affiliated with Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute (erstwhile Bangalore Medical College), the largest hospital in Bangalore.

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