Blesson Gregory (PGP 2012-14) on his emotional roller coaster (read: first year) at IIMB

Emotional turmoil can do your heart no good, but it often imparts valuable life lessons. From the heights of elation to the depths of desperation, the IIMB emotional roller coaster ensures that it hits every high and every low, assiduously and earnestly, leaving an indelible impression on the riders.

Sometime back I wrote about how my perspective of IIMB evolved over time. That story would be incomplete without an equally eloquent description of the emotional journey that facilitated this evolution. Since pictures are credited with speaking words in the order of thousands, I will let the IIMB ECG take over the majority of the narrative and let my tired fingers on my worn-out keyboard wallow in indolence.

Definition: The IIMB ECG (Expectations & Cheerfulness Graph) is a plot of the Expectations and Cheerfulness of an average IIMB student against Time (the duration of the first year), depicting the highs and lows of the IIMB journey.

Phase 1: The receipt of the admission offer to IIMB is immediately followed by exceptionally high levels of expectation and ecstasy. These are the days of anticipation where you repeatedly imagine yourself achieving all your high flying dreams – from saving the world to becoming a billionaire.

Phase 2: Reality bites after the first few weeks at IIMB when you realize that not everything is what you expected it to be. The coursework is hard, competition is harder and you are no longer the smartest student in class like you always used to be. The great IIMB dream quickly unravels in the face of academic and non-academic pressures.

Phase 3: The rest of the first year at IIMB is mostly about slowly rebuilding your expectations and happiness, as you realize what you are gaining from the experience here. The summer placements season is particularly chaotic with every ‘shortlist’ and every ‘reject’ from companies being met with wildly swinging mental states. Much knowledge is acquired by the end of the third term and the summer internship appears to be the perfect place to put them into action.

Phase 4: The disconnect between theory and practice, promise and delivery, and expectations and reality becomes apparent as you start working on your summer project. The company you work for thinks that the only place for all your conceptual frameworks from one year of MBA education is in the dustbin.

IIMB ECG final (1)

As PGP2s reminisce the year gone by, PGP1s can contemplate their year ahead and be prepared. Wishing all PGP1s sturdy and sound (albeit perhaps erratic) ECGs in your first year at IIMB!

Disclaimer:Descriptions are largely based on personal experience and loosely based on the experience of others. The ECG typically tends to vary from person to person (though it is known to retain its basic characteristics). The author does not assume any responsibility for the readers’ ECG shaping out differently from the one depicted here.


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