IIMB Club Series: SIGMA


We know that technology changes in the blink of an eye and that managers need to be aware of this before it happens. The booming IT sector in India has brightened the prospects of the systems industry and management students. SIGMA, the Systems club at IIMB, is the focal point for IT-related activities. Our target is to be a hub of techno-management excellence and to equip future managers with the managerial skills necessary to navigate through the dynamic business landscape.

SIGMA acts as an intermediary between the students and the administration for all system infrastructure needs. SIGMA facilitates schemes such as the Pan-IIM laptop deal, the Peripheral deal and the Microsoft Windows and Office deal. SIGMA also maintains SPIDI, the intranet portal for all student-related activities and student bodies on campus.

SIGMA in collaboration with the systems clubs from IIMA and IIMB recently organised “Convergence” – the first ever Inter IIM ABC Systems Quiz for the avid geeks and technology enthusiasts. SIGMA also conducted “Trade-o-Mania”, a tech-biz event at Vista 2015 where participants had to prove their mettle in a war of trading.

The team is currently working on a new enhanced version of SPIDI which we hope to launch next term. SIGMA will also be conducting AdrenaLan, the annual LAN gaming tournament for the gamers on the campus to let loose and relieve the stress of summer placements. The club also plans to initiate a speaker series, providing the students an opportunity to interact with eminent personalities in the technology industry.


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