45th Foundation Day Celebrations at IIM Bangalore

Contributed By: Medha Sravani Boddeda
Edited By: J K Varshika

It has been 45 years since this elegance of an institute was born and the campus was looking extra special to celebrate its foundation day which falls on the 28th of October annually. 1973 marked the beginning of a legacy that has stayed with the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and just keeps getting better every year.

Before being a silicon city, Bengaluru was public sector capital in ‘70s. Ideated in 1972 to address to the
needs in Public sector, in 1973 the third Indian Institute of Management was established. The foundation to the campus was set by none other than the then Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi. As the years have gone by, IIM Bangalore has swiftly taken up over the MBA scene, producing graduates that are carefully honed and educated within the stone walls, before they step out into the world to make their mark.

This year, the foundation day marked more than four decades of the legacy that has been carried forward by generations of IIMBians. The Director, Prof. G Raghuram, expressed gratitude to all who helped in building the institution. “With the IIM Act coming into force, we could grant degrees to our two-year PGPs, starting this year. We are the first IIM to do so. We are also the first IIM whose Board independently selected and appointed the Chair,” he said. The new IIMB Chairperson, Board of Governors, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, chairman and Founder of Narayana Health, said that transformation is key to a better future quoting “Every organization, individual and country must disrupt and reinvent itself.

This year, teh chief guest was Ms. Malavika Harita (of PGP 1980-82 from IIM B), who founded and heads Saatchi & Saatchi Focus India. Notably, she is the first woman to deliver lecture on Foundation Day. She shared her thoughts on “Real Empowerment” based on her experiences as an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, as a mother, a teacher and as a woman over the last 36 years. “Empowerment must be backed by knowledge, clear direction and absence of fear. True Empowerment needs change from within, not just lip service and smart media bytes. It has to work at several levels – personal, organizational, familial and societal. It needs willing participation of both : those who empower and those who are being empowered. Because with empowerment comes great responsibility and accountability for your own actions,” she explained. “Don’t hold yourself back for the comments by “Ubiquitous they” – who may be omnipresent, opinionated & invisible. They has become a living entity which if paralyzes you then you are living a half-life,” she further added.

Mrs. Malavika also touched upon the topic of the ongoing #MeToo campaign which is empowering women to speak up but cant be effective unless rules come across industries, defense, and legal support. Ms. Malavika also added that the #HeToo campaign must also be taken seriously because victims can be fom both sides of the genders.

Apart from this, awards were given to those in the IIMB community, who served for more than 20 years. The Distinguished Alumnus awards were also presented. The recepiets were Mr. S Vaidyanathan, Co-Founder The Ganga Trust and Mr. M V Rajamannar, CMO and President Healthcare Business, Mastercard. Mr. Mustafa PC, Founder ID Fresh, was also conferred with the award becoming the youngest ever recepients of the prestigious title.

Mr. Rajamannar shared how his Social immersion project during PGP had made an impact to work for community. “When you are provided with an environment like the one at IIMB, you build relationships and life experiences that stay with you forever” he said.

Mr. Vaidyanathan’s life took unexpected turn during his PGP and he had spinal cord injury. He has been source of motivation for many. He said it was his dream that everyone with spinal cord injury in India must, at least by 2030, lead dignified, productive and meaningful lives. He urged IIM B community to support the expansion of quality rehabilitation in India.

P C Musthafa ascribed his success to ‘the power of determination’. “Though I feel happy to touch the life of millions with healthy food on a daily basis, I feel guilty for polluting this earth with plastic bags and I want to do something about this problem,” saying this, Musthafa invited solutions for the same.

The professors, who are one of the key pillars in the journey of IIMB, were remembered and a compilation of their contribution was launched. It was great to see Prof J. Philip there at who is 82 now and is a former Director of IIM Bangalore. The PGP Chair expressed that students participation should be more, to listen to, interact and learn from their alumni.

People make institutions and we the younger generation need to do our part of trying develop ourselves and giving back to the society. For these, alumni interactions and guest sessions provide great exposure and food for thought apart from the interaction with faculty, peers, friends & family. As the day came to a close, we could see the auditorium fill with applause and pride for the alma mater that the people have been a part of and helping write its glorifying history through the corridors of time that will only be exemplified by many more gifted generations of students to walk through them.

Medha Sravani is a PGP 2017-2019 student of IIM Bangalore

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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