A drop of blood to life!!


It is said that “Blood is red gold at the time of saving a life”.

It was a day when the cumulative efforts of students at IIM Bangalore brought a change to the lives of many people. On Saturday, 20th July, Vikasana and Prayaas (the social clubs at IIM-Bangalore) in association with Lions Blood Bank conducted a Blood Donation Camp in the campus to support the surgeries of poor people who are in need of this red gold.

The camp was held in the EPGP Dining Room and ran from 10 AM to 5 PM. The event showed a record participation of 191 people out of which 150 were authorized to donate. The camp recorded donors not only from the PGP student community but also from the EPGP, FPM, PGPSEM and PGPPM student communities. In addition to that, the camp was open to IIM Bangalore’s alumni and three generous alumni took time out to donate for this noble cause. Apart from the student and the alumni community at IIM Bangalore, the camp also saw participation from IIM Bangalore’s professors and staff members including staff from Au Bon Pain and the gym. Prior to collecting blood, each donor was checked for blood pressure, blood group, Hemoglobin count and weight before being authorized for donation. 420 ml of blood was collected from each male donor and 350 ml from each female donor. During the camp, the donors were provided refreshments in the form of fruit juices, Mazaa and bananas by the Lion Club. Success of the camp could be noted from the fact that all the donors left the EPGP Dining room with a sense of satisfaction in their hearts.

Events like blood donation camps instigate people to do good for the society and infuse a feeling of selflessness. With the high spirits and enthusiasm observed at IIM Bangalore’s campus, it can be said that “Don’t just live through others – let others live through you”.

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