A Night of Musical Wonder – Spicmacay 2018

Legend has it that Miya Tansen could perform extraordinary feats through his music; he could, the legends go, melt a marble slab through his rendering of Raag Malkauns or light lamps by singing Raag Deepak or hypnotize a deer by singing Raag Mrigranjini. He could even make it rains as per his whims by singing Raag Megh or bloom flowers by singing Raag Bahar. A bit far-fetched one might think! Melt marbles or not but anyone who attended Padma Shri Ustad Faiyaz Wafizuddin Dagar would agree that music so pure and spiritual sure can melt one’s heart.

As IIM B played host to one of the most celebrated exponents of Dhrupad, the oldest form of compositions in India Classical Music, the Ustad managed to hold his audience in a trance with his solemn music, uplifting and heroic.


The musical evening was organized by the IIM Bangalore chapter of SPICMACAY as part of their VIrasat Series of Concerts. Known for bringing stalwarts from the world of traditional Indian arts, SPICMACAY lived up to expectations as Ustad Dagar is an era in himself. From lineage that can be traced back to Swami Haridas, the guru of Tansen, Ustad Dagar is well known for his ability to bring ragas alive and cast a magical spell on the listeners.

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