A Step Towards Sustainability

Contributed By: Tanmay Agarwal
Edited By: Karthick Selvan

As the various shades of green leaves and vibrantly colored flowers welcome the visitors at IIM Bangalore, they provide a sharp contrast to the reality of Bangalore’s pollution and concrete landscape. The IIM-Bangalore campus, spread across 100 acres, encompasses 62 acres of green cover and around 50,000 trees. There are around 150 coffee plants and four varieties of bamboo shoots. The campus is also home to more than 60 bird species, including ten migratory species. There are 57 ground recharge wells to which the stormwater is diverted through drains.

IIM Bangalore has a robust in-house program of water management, spearheaded by the internal facilities management group. Capture and re-use of water and the conservation of water at source forms a major part of the water management strategy at IIM-B. Sanitary fittings are water-efficient, with low-flow taps, bio-urinals, and water-efficient toilets being rolled out across the entire campus. Rooftop rainwater is captured in sumps and re-used for toilets in the hostel and admin blocks. Sumps that have been dug up at three spots on the campus can store a large quantity of water. There are 30+ recharge wells distributed on the campus grounds. All surface runoff is tapped and sent off to the sumps and the recharge wells. The water harvesting system has helped save 7 lakh liters/year in addition to recharging groundwater. Further, solar water heaters provide for the hot water facilities to about 1000 students residing in the 17 hostels at the campus saving a large amount of electricity.

IIM Bangalore, in collaboration with Saahas Zero Waste, has deployed an effective waste management system at the campus. To achieve waste segregation at source, segregated colored bins have been set up across the campus. In addition to waste segregation, IIM-B also has an on-site waste management unit that further reduces the waste that goes out to the dump yards. The plant manages about 70-80% percent of the 600 kg waste that is generated every day on the campus. The waste is sorted, prepared and the recyclable materials are further made into useful products while waste such as sanitary waste that cannot be recycled are sent to a government-approved site.

The Environment & Sustainability (ENS) Club at IIM Bangalore strives to promote awareness on environmental issues among students and supports them in taking positive action in these domains. The club acts as a facilitator for students to pursue their interests in emerging sectors of green economy and provides a common platform for interaction in the fields of environment, clean energy, and sustainable development. The club also collaborates with external bodies and organizations focused on similar activities.

The club conducts multiple events and activities around the year that include workshops, panel discussions, case competitions, and fun activities. Some of the events that were conducted this year to promote environmental awareness were Gift-a-plant initiative, Best out of Waste competition, Noise pollution awareness through 1-minute videos, Smart City design case competition, etc. One of the recent events in which the club engaged was the Bengaluru Plog Run movement wherein students participated in cleaning the nearby localities by picking up waste along the 5 km run route and handing it over to the Bengaluru Municipal Corporation for waste segregation.

The club, in collaboration with ‘Intersolar India’, launched the fifth edition of ‘The SunPedal Ride’ from IIM Bangalore on 14th November 2018. ‘The SunPedal Ride’ is a movement initiated by Mr. Sushil Reddy, an IIT Bombay alumnus, with an aim to create awareness and sensitize people about the importance and need of sustainable clean renewable energy and electric mobility. The SunPedal Ride has traveled more than 13000 kilometers using only renewable energy so far in India, France, California, and Iceland. Along with the launch, a panel discussion on the topic of ‘B2B and B2C: Challenges and opportunities for growth for solar energy and electric mobility’ was organized to sensitize the students and the community about the need for solar power and electric mobility. It was an insightful conversation amongst the top CEOs who emphasized the importance of sustainable energy in today’s world of pollution and climate change. The event was much lauded by a full house and gave much perspective on what is the need of the hour.

The ENS club plans to conduct many such events and initiatives in the future to spread awareness of environmental issues. Few of the upcoming initiatives include spreading awareness on electricity wastage in hostels, reduction in mess food wastage and Green Day celebration. We understand that our environmental conservation measures are not only to protect the natural world around us, but also to ensure that our future generations can continue to walk on the face of this planet.  It’s time we did our bit, as we can no longer wait for that somebody else to bring positive change – we have to become that somebody.

Tanmay is a student of PGP 2018-2020 batch at IIM Bangalore and is a member of the Environment and Sustainability Club.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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