A String of Pearls: Vista 2012 Media Conclave at IIM Bangalore

By Tamojit Roy,  Cool Age | Oct 10, 2012

What was expected to be a gem of an event, turned out to be a string of pearls in earnest.
IIMB organized a media conclave on the ultimate day of the 3-day bonanza, Vista 2012, India’s largest B-School Summit.

The speakers on the dais were Ms. Kalpana Morparia, CEO JP Morgan (India), Ms Tania Sachdev, a Chess grandmaster, Ms. Neha Bhasin, a singer and copywriter and Mr. Sarath Babu E, Founder of Foodking, an IIMA alumnus & a budding politician.

But what comes out of a panel discussion when you get a Chess genius, a singer, a CEO and an entrepreneur together? Check this out:

The theme of the conclave-“Challenge Convention, Transform Tomorrow”-brought out heartwarming stories of success that underlined the fact that each of the speakers had, in their own unique ways, challenged the regular to alter the future.

Kalpana Morparia reminisced how she started her career as a corporate lawyer and through convention-breaking display of courage, took the opportunity to lead the ICICI Bank’s treasury division, before retiring as the bank’s Joint MD. The fact that, inspite of being a lawyer by training, she is the CEO for JP Morgan India, one of the world’s largest Financial Institutions today, exemplifies that education can never be a limiting factor.

Mr. Sarath Babu, raised in a slum in Chennai, went on to study in BITS Pilani & IIM-A and refused, thereafter, to follow the convention and take up a well payed, cushy job. He started his own entrepreneurial venture just a month before he graduated from IIM-A and has admittedly supported 300 young entrepreneurs in developing their own ventures. His challenging conventions don’t stop there. He also took a plunge into politics with the motive of helping the marginalized in the society and has fought elections from the Chennai South Constituency.

Ms. Neha Bhasin, pop star and member of the now disbanded girls band ‘Viva’, mentioned that being really poor at arithmetic never bothered her, since at the age of 9 she had identified her calling in life. She was nonchalant in admitting that despite having delivered hits like Dhunki, which she did sing for the audience, she was still chasing her dream of cutting an international album in English and winning the Grammy some day.

However, it was Ms. Tania Sachdev, who proved to be the queen of hearts! She recalled her journey as a chess enthusiast, which started with a disastrous state championship at the age of 6, wherein she failed to win a single match in a tournament of 11. That she put school on the back burner thereafter and, in less than 3 years’ time, went on to represent India in the International under-10 category, speaks volumes about the resolve that this charming lady from Delhi has. The star, however bowled everyone over by readily agreeing to play a game of chess with members of the IIMB Chess club. The results of matches such as these, er, do not matter.

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