All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

The moment everyone was waiting for is over now. We hope it went as planned and now you can go ahead and pat your backs. Summer placements are over for PGP1s and PGP2s will be heading towards the end of the term in a couple of weeks. Before getting caught up in the complexities of life at IIM Bangalore, let us take some time to sit back, lay low in our rooms and binge read/watch some of the marvelous recommendations below. Let us get started!


A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove: You can’t miss this masterpiece. Written by Frederik Backman, this novel wasn’t a hit as soon as it was released. Slow to pick up, this book became one of the best sellers and we can’t be more glad about it. The book was also adapted into a movie recently. Telling you anything more will be almost a crime. We want you to fall in love with Ove and it can only be your own bitter-sweet journey with the animated characters in the book.

One in a Million Boy

The One in a Million Boy: Monica Wood’s story of friendship between a charming young boy, aged 11, and an old woman, aged 104. Yes, you read it right! Didn’t it intrigue you already? It will break your heart but it will remind you of all the meaningful relationships that just happen without you understanding why they happened.

When Breath Becomes Air

When Breath Becomes Air: Another heart-wrenching book which isn’t a fiction. It is written by Paul Kalanithi who is a doctor and has to come to terms with the reality of being diagnosed with cancer himself. It is a story of a young and aspirational doctor whose life is changed. The book was completed by his wife posthumously. Now it does not happen every day that a book is recommended by Bill Gates. (This Book Left Me in Tears –



Dear Zachary

Dear Zachary – A Letter to a Son About His Father: This is a documentary and the title is self-explanatory. We don’t think you should read anything else about this movie and just get yourself to watch it. This movie has a lot of emotions to offer you – love, anger, frustration, happiness and much more.

Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice: Yet another documentary which is revelatory. It features a National Geographic photographer who is trying to showcase to the world the effect of climate change by looking at glaciers. It has some incredible footage. The movie is an entrepreneurial project in itself as it took countless effort that spanned over many years to present the results which are mesmerizing. Borrowing from the movie: “This is the proof that we need to believe climate change is real and is actually happening.”

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople: Finally, not a documentary! It is a perfect dose for a sad day. You won’t stop loving Ricky Backer, a teenage boy, who has been in and out of foster care for longer than he can remember. Now, he comes to live with a couple on a rural New Zealand farm but events quickly lead to a nationwide manhunt. You have to watch it to understand the turn of events which are filled with deadpan humor. “I didn’t choose the skux life, the skux life chose me.”

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