Anusmaran 2018 Chennai Chapter – A Homecoming

Contributed by Yash Verma

The radio room was lit, greetings were exchanged, class room memories made at IIMB came to life. It was an afternoon full of laughter, hugs, nostalgia, delicious food and good music. After all, May 26 was a homecoming…..

Anusmaran Chennai 2018 saw participation of more than 70 alumnus and their family from various batches and programmes at IIMB, right from the batch of 1980 to batch of 2018. The meet took off with the welcome address by IIMBAA Chennai President Madhusudan CP, which was followed by IIMB Director’s note to thank alumni for their constant support and continued engagement with the alma matter. In addition, the Director also announced the opening of new campus and envisioned it to be a campus totally nurtured and mentored by IIMB alumni. Prof K Kumar, Dean, Alumni Relations and Development shared fond memories of his students and talked about the upcoming initiatives that will be taken by the alum office to foster alumni-student connect at campus. The meet continued with mind boggling and amazing magic show by illusionist Vadivel Pillai of Mind Academy. The invitation to IIMBUE, the annual alumni leadership summit got everyone excited in a promise to meet soon again.

IIMB Director Prof. G. Raghuram

Anusmaran 2018 was a celebration of happy times, L square music nights, bonds made in preparatory course and Maggi at night canteen. It was a toast

To the first impressions that transcended beyond acceptance,
To the strangers who became friends,
And friends who became family,
To the confusion, the chaos and the madness,
The epiphanies, the highs, the lows, the stage, the art, the music,
To the goodbyes that I wasn’t ready to say

IIMB, You are home and coming back is homecoming……

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