Before It All Begins – Unmaad 2018 Precursor!

The campus here at B is decorated with myriad of lights, drapes and colorful umbrellas. L square is echoing with cool numbers and one can sense a general hustle bustle around campus. Stickers greeting you hello in different languages and some with memorable movie dialogues adorn the staircase. One cannot miss the amazing floor painting calling out everyone to Unmaad. The energy levels are running high and the beautiful milieu is adding to that. With so much going on, we are standing at the brink of one of the largest B school cultural festivals: Unmaad. While the preparations are at full swing now, a host of activities have been going on since the past few days to kick start this giant celebration.

Right from the soft launch that unveiled the theme of wanderer’s paradise to Road to Unmaad, there have been a ton of things going on. Road to Unmaad was a treasure hunt that took participants around the city to unique places where they had to perform challenging and entertaining tasks. There were 12 clues, 4 clusters covering separate areas of the city and a hundred participants driving to these areas. A challenging routine at snap fitness, arranging books at Atta Gallata, coordinating dance moves, virtual reality games, laser tag and healthy food cafes: the event had it all. The participants simply loved the tasks. To keep the spirits going, there was a flash mob of around 25 students who performed on Farhan Akhtar’s songs at Vega City to promote his upcoming concert at Unmaad. Adding to that, an endearing street play on the evils of social media was performed on 26th January at Vega City and was appreciated by the huge crowd present there.
The online world has been buzzing with events too! An online treasure hunt kept many hooked and the terrible travel tales had some interesting entries. The stage has been all set and B eagerly awaits Unmaad now. With sponsorships from around 50 companies and performances by 5 international artists, Unmaad is going to be bigger and better this time. Indian Ocean’s soulful music would mark the perfect beginning to this extravaganza. There is a lot to look forward to, Farhan Akhtar’s concert in his mesmerizing voice and a hilarious Varun Thakur. Industribe, a multi-talented group of circus performers well versed in the arts of fire dance, sound engineering, visual and textile creations will set the stage on fire. The second day has a face off planned between David Kryzowski, a freestyle footballer from Poland and Satish from India. There is Alicia, the body painter from Dubai, Limor Ballas, a musician from Israel and Corvo Nuno, a violinist from Portugal. These international artists will truly make Unmaad a world cultural festival. With an interesting line up of workshops, events and performances, everyone seems to be gripped by the Unmaad fervor. There is a lot happening and you should not miss the next three days. As the frenzy spreads around, Unmaad promises to stand true to its name.

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