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Ankur Warikoo | Entrepreneurship Lesson Workshop

There are no set ways one can be sure to be a successful entrepreneur. But well, one can avoid some things to ensure to go beyond the regular. At Eximius 2015 – ‘Entrepreneurship Lesson Workshop’, we heard straight from the horse’s (read entrepreneur) mouth about what it takes to be one. Ankur Warikoo, Groupon-CEO, shared the five steps of failure one must tread to cut through the orthodox mindset. In the end, if there is one thing to remember, Ankur says ‘Shut up and keep working!’DSC_0071-2 DSC_0039 (2)-3






Mr. Arshdeep Sethi, RMZ Corp. | Real estate workshop 

Real estate ventures are a high-risk category of startups & they face more difficulties when compared to other ventures. Mr. Arshdeep Sethi, Managing Director, Development of RMZ corp., gave a holistic view of the real estate sector, & the various challenges that it faces, like funding, valuation and picking the right time. Mr. Sethi emphasized the fact that, entrepreneurs who venture into real estate, which is an extremely volatile sector, should firstly locate their startup in the right place, choose their right investor and ensure proper valuation.

The hall was packed with enthusiastic students, young entrepreneurs, employees from real-estate agencies and even professors and teaching faculty.

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