Breaking the Ice!

Contributed By: Nalli Naimisha
Edited By: Anirudh Agrawal

No, I am not complaining. Even I love the Bangalore weather just like you do. But I caught the flu, and the weather is so not helping me recover. Attending classes till 4pm was a huge task itself. And by the time classes were over, all I wanted to do was take a pill and chill. Pre-reads, assignments, case studies, project work, IIMB made sure I had no time to sleep. And then I received a message in our section group. “Carrom at 8:30pm and Throwball at 9:30pm”. You must have guessed my reaction by now.

Icebreaker is the informal five-day sports event of IIM Bangalore where all the first year students compete against each other is a friendly face off between sections. It is a way of bringing in that much needed connect within the classes to start the two-year long bonding between batchmates. So goes without saying that I dragged myself to the carrom match. My section mates were doing great and finally we made our way to the finals. The second the match got over, three of us ran like we were hit by thunderstorm towards the ground between A and C blocks, where throwball matches happened.

Everyone was waiting for us to start the match. There were people who made time out of their busy schedules to watch us play, well ‘Opportunity Cost’. There was cheering for the respective sections as we started the game. It was a best of three set game. Trust me, we weren’t doing well in the first set and we knew our confidence was dropping down slowly. Gladly we had our section folks who used to cheer us every time and every second we were down. They probably didn’t know their own importance at that moment. We lost the first set. The other section students were enjoying their first set victory. We started the second set by cheering ourselves up. Telling each other “You can do it! We can do it! Aim the throw! Do your service throws properly!”. The second set started. It was my turn to do the service. I went outside the court, stood right near the service line and had a look around me. I don’t exactly remember what I saw. But I clearly remember my section mates shouting my name, cheering me. They probably knew we were not going to win even this set, still they stayed back and cheered for us. That moment, was my ‘Icebreaker Moment’. It was one of those few times when I realized, ‘The journey was more important than the destination’.

All those days I played in Icebreaker, I met so many people, some people good at their sport and some people not good at their sport, some friendly folks and well, some unreceptive people too. Other than the section bonding which happened unknowingly, I made some really good friends from other sections as well. I would have really missed out on a lot, if I sat in my room because of the flu. Totally worth pushing myself and coming out on the court. Oh, and as for the second set of throwball? Well, we lost it, but won many hearts!

Nalli Naimisha is a PGP 2018-2020 student at IIM Bangalore.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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