Bubblerama, Creativity unleashed.


Imagine bringing together more than 50 PGP1s away from their quizzes, to vent out their heart by creating imaginary tales of Sir Jadeja using a lipstick, Justin Beiber using table salt as face powder and some other infamous personalities doing such ridiculous things. Expressions, the literary club of IIM Bangalore, just did that with their maiden event of the year Bubblerama! It turned out to a great success with the six sections donning their creative hats and coming up with some amazing impromptu funny tales.

Every section was given a pair of interesting and unusual characters, ranging from Sir Jadeja and Rajnikant, Baba Ramdev and Gabbar Singh, Mamta Bannerjee and Chetan Bhagat and a list of completely random and unrelated objects namely lipstick, CD, Kingfisher, cow dung, salt and knife and were asked to come up with an impromptu story based on them.

Every story was to be told in an artistic and comic manner, in form of minimalistic art and out of the world conversations. Three hours of both serious and nonsensical brainstorming and the so called ‘group discussion’ resulted into some awesome real life portraits, kick ass caricatures and wacky dialogs. The six different in-house comic strips were later put up on the stone walls of L-square. Whosoever entered the corridor in between A mid and L square couldn’t cross it without going through the posters and having a good time. To sum up, it was an evening well spent by indulging into something new and totally different from case studies, quizzes and all that typical jazz of a B school. Watch out for more such events from Expressions.

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