Budding marketers fight it out


Marketing, as we know it, took a whole new form on the eve of 25th July at L square, IIM Bangalore. With light music in the background, a hundred eager voices calling out the answers to rapid fire questions and a drizzle that is characteristic of Bangalore weather, MaShterix – the first inter-section event by ‘MaSh – The Marketing club of IIM Bangalore’, kicked off in a wonderful manner.

Just as ‘War of Sections’ came to a close, the inter-section rivalry sparked off once more in MaShterix as three separate events. The ‘Lovely girl’s heart’ had a lady from each section donning the hat of a diva and passing her ‘symbolic’ heart around to members who guessed brand names. ‘The Rolling DumbC’ marked highest point in the three hour evening, had everyone frantically guessing a product or tagline.

No day of marketing fest ends without the lionized ‘AdMads’. MaSh had its own flavor where each team had to market a simple product for a completely different non-traditional use. A PGP graduate and FPM student from IIM Bangalore, Mr. Raj Dash honored the event by judging the performance.

“All is well that ends well” and it did end well that day for Section-B which bagged the first place among the six sections amidst tough competition. While ‘B’ took back home the rolling trophy sparkling at its own victory, we saw it as the victory of a much greater concept at work, the marvel that is ‘Marketing’ itself!

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