Clubbing over the weekend

SMC’s Special Correspondents Harini Rao & Sheikh Farzyn report club selections at IIMB

Club Selections

Turn after turn they came as the rest watched in awe
The reps of clubs, chapters and student bodies went on and on
Presentation after presentation, and sleep was all but gone
The next three days might have been the busiest the PGP1’s had seen
The start to a numerous many more and yet they were all so keen
Interview after interview, Tasks after tasks they went on
The freshmen and seniors, worked like hard wired machines from dusk to dawn
The college saw anxiety, discussions, interactions and panic galore
And some called it a day mid way, said they could take it no more
Wednesday morning saw a sea of emotions, well that’s your call
Remember, if you aren’t a JC at one then you are actually a part of them all!

Starting last Friday, IIM B witnessed some high octane drama. Dance and drama, comedy and tragedy, action and emotion- the campus felt like the set of a Bollywood movie. At the end of it all, on Wednesday morning, most people had a happy ending and to those who didn’t, the PGP2s’ said, “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!”
The club selection weekend was one crazy roller coaster ride. There were those who had done their research ages ago and were raring to go and then there were those who went around asking, “What will Anveshan make me do? Climb a tree?” You could see an interesting mix of characters on campus. Master jugglers who had applied for 10 clubs competed against focussed Arjunas who zeroed in on a single target. The Kurta clad boy who said he wanted to be a social entrepreneur in his afternoon Vikasana interview was seen in his leather jacket avatar telling Culcomers about his crazy party antics and ideas. And then there were those who just sat back and enjoyed all the drama, popcorn in hand.

If anyone thought getting into IIM B was the hardest thing he/she would do in his life, the selection weekend broke that notion. People sleep-walked and sleep-talked through their interviews. “Exclusivity clause” and “Priority List” were the watch words of the day. The same people who said they would love to have them in the club, asked the same candidates to move heaven and earth to prove themselves worthy. If the PGP1s had it tough, the PGP2s were fighting their own logistical nightmare trying to vacate their neighbours to use their rooms for interviews. Add to that nervous PGP1s calling them up at all hours of the day and night looking for advice, it was like they were fighting a blizzard.

A million tasks and a zillion trackers were flying all around the campus. The campus oozed creativity. On one hand, Unmaad posters came alive and some crazy events were conceptualized while on the other, some ran around trying to contact the who’s who of the corporate world and participated in GDs on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The best part of the weekend was getting to know everyone around you. People discovered that the geeky boy in class was a magician with the guitar and the pretty girl in their hostel wing was a finance whiz-kid. The diversity at B was never more evident than in these last three days.

A gazillion mugs of coffee, countless rounds of interviews and several sleepless nights later, the club selection results were finally announced. It was sheer joy for those who had made it, it was not ‘game over’ for the rest. Several people received personalized e-mails from clubs telling them not to despair over the rejection and encouraged them to try again. But come to think of it, it was difficult to figure what made the last few days so intense and memorable: the club selection process itself or the realisation that this is how life rolls at B?

Welcome to IIM Bangalore all over again!

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