Day 1 events @ eximius

Blitz :

We all know the importance of analytical thinking in business world but at the same time, we are not ignorant of the innovations needed to sustain the constantly changing scenario. Blitz tested sheer knowledge of things happening around and the wit needed to unfold the mysterious quiz. Conveying and inferring situations, understanding simple but tricky sentences, jumbling and juggling between words and letters made the quiz participants use their senses (uncommon & common) extensively.

 Blitz (20)

NextUp :

The great deal of enthusiasm was shown by entrepreneurs for showcasing their business acumen. Event was carried out in 2 rounds. First being online round and for round 2, 5 teams were shortlisted. The competing teams were innovatively presented their proficiency in understanding start-up business.


Furlenco sponsored boot camp:

One of the most crowd pulling event, had 21 start-ups presenting their ideas to potential customers and investors.

There were 3 workshops on 1st day with the focus on educating young entrepreneurs with start-up basics which witnessed overwhelming participation with lecture’s halls holding two to three times of their capacity.



The great deal of enthusiasm was shown by entrepreneurs for showcasing ideas and getting a chance to get incubated. After a great deal of scrutiny on the entries, 8 teams were selected for the final on-campus round participation. The competing teams innovatively presented their ideas of start-up business.

DisrupIT (16)


Startup in 10 K: 

The event startup-in-10K had received enthusiastic participation from students as well as from entrepreneurs. After scrutinising entries from participants, a total of 8 entries were finalized for the main event. Winners were decided after holistic evaluation by the eminent judges Prof. Ganesh Prabhu and Mr. Vinay Rao.


50 cells of grey

That was an amazing display of the brain cells working full time with over 50 teams pitting their collective wits in bringing out the spirit of entrepreneurial jugaad. Idea pitch, incubation, bootstrapping, FMA, IP – you name it, you heard it. And the best part? The BizQuiz champs walked away with the grand moolah!


Marketing within a Budget

Working with financial constraints have always been challenging and pool of innovation, in Indian word: Jugaad is essential to meet this challenge. Participating team of Eximius 2015 did not lag behind in their innovative spirits. A pragmatic solution to each of the case was given and judging the best team was difficult in itself. We got more varied perceptions than anticipated and the event was a great success.




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