Dhwani – The Soulful Sound of IIMB

Contributed By: Thomas Pegu
Edited By: Beulah Madda

“Music is the perfect blending of poetry and melody. It is a charismatic approach to human thoughts layered with dulcet melody.”

Dhwani, since its inception in 1982, has always been active in the mission to keep the spirit of music alive in the campus. The music club has been formed in order to encourage talent in music – instrumental as well as vocal. The goal is to do justice to the huge musical talent pool we have so that the music association is not just a dalliance and lost amid all the chaos. The club gives a platform to express melody and entertain at the same time. And unlike the other music clubs in the graduates, it dwells with the challenge of time in the campus but this doesn’t reduce its audacity.

The club has forty-two current performers with diverse expertise ranging from Carnatic musicians to Indian, western, heavy metal musicians which is a delight. It has eleven co-ordinators who manage all the events and activities of the club. The coordinators have different verticals like events, treasurer, video series, publicity so that everything runs smoothly and the club has a comely atmosphere. “For me, music has always been the best form of expression, it is a way of life. So this makes it very important for me to find like minded people, anywhere I go. And Dhwani is the platform that brings such people together, here at IIMB. I get to learn so much from every other member here. It can be new genre of music, a new style of singing, or simply a beautiful forgotten song. I’ve had some of my best memories here with Dhwani – be it our events, jam sessions or the fun Karaoke nights where we see new faces from the college performing. And the best thing is, the work doesn’t feel like an obligation ever. Music comes very naturally to us, all“, says Shubra Mesham, one of the senior coordinators of the club.

Dhwani Music Room

The club is also actively involved in organizing musical events across the year. It collaborates with the other clubs in organizing cultural nights for students as well as participants from outside. Some of the key club activities are karaoke night, video series, musical night in Eximius, Vista, Udaan, Unmaad and its flagship event Dhwani Night. On Unmaad, which is one of the largest cultural festivals in the country, the bands in Dhwani competes with different other bands from different colleges. The practice sessions have already started. The club officially organizes jam sessions on Wednesday and Sunday every week. It is crucial that the musicians are never out of touch on a campus where every second is precious and students find it hard to walk out of the periphery of academics.

Since the last year, the club has promoted the concept of bands which was missing from the scene. Having a band makes the job easier as each member gets used to the other’s playing and singing style and it takes less time to practise and so that there is quick team conflation. The current active bands are Masala Rock Project (MRP) and Melody Box. MRP is a hard rock band with very passionate members who have been quite active in the musical scene of their undergraduate colleges. They share the same taste for hard rock and metal. Melody Box is more of a rock band with very skilful members. The club is planning to rope in more bands so that the practise sessions are not only fun but the quality output is delivered.

One of the memebers of the club and another coordinator, Kranti Shejwalkar, ponders, “Music has been an integral part of my life since forever. When I got my admit from IIM Bangalore, I was more keen on joining Dhwani than the institute itself. This is the love that I have for music. The day I joined the music club finally, I was surrounded by multi talented folks who were not only dexterous with their instruments but also passionate about music. No one knew that this small bunch of over zealous people were going to revamp Dhwani in the upcoming days. We started the club with a bang, conducting all sorts of events encompassing music from all over the places and different genres. We have taken some new initiatives like karaoke night, jamming session’s to involve people from all walks of life and bring them under one roof. Personally for me, Dhwani is a beautiful respite from all the chaos here at the B school. It gives me energy and enthusiasm to continue forward. In a nutshell, Dhwani is bae.”

This year Dhwani is planning to organize Dhwani Night, its flagship event on a larger scale. It is planning to introduce a new event, ‘Voice of IIMB’ to encourage active participation. In the Dhwani night, there will be a performance by both the students from the campus as well as some local bands, so that the students can have a taste of everything. Dhwani is quite active off stage too. It rolls out a video every fortnight as a part of their video series program. The club members present mostly cover songs by different artists and different genres as of now. They are also planning to compose originals in the future. With collaborations across clubs like Dress Circle, the photography club, and Kaleidoscope, the Dramatics club, Dhwani aims to enhance the quality of the videos to showcase the talent within the campus. It wants to involve musicians, photographers, actors, video editors in the process. They also participate actively in the Republic day and Independence day celebrations.

Team Dhwani

Anything that comes out as irrational speech is sung. Every song replicates a story, chalked out to describe a particular state of mind. The irony is, people find solace in their choice of music and that ultimately matters. Perhaps the best way to surmise about this experience is through the words of Hardik Mehta, “You don’t need laptop to play songs in Dhwani Parties. Dhwani keeps you sane in this insane world. For me, it is yet another group project, but way more creative, way more engaging and project where the output is tangible“. No form of music is superior or inferior, it is just different. Dhwani has always lived with this mentality and always will. Music acts as an antidote to the human mind so that it can reconcile with the aspects that consume it. It sublimates our mind which bears so many trails in life and drifts it away to a different world where every worry fades away drastically. It’s an inception of thoughts free flow. The main idea is not to give just mere evanescent performances but everlasting memories.

Thomas Pegu is a student of PGP 2017-2019 batch of IIM Bangalore and is the secretary of Dhwani, the music club of IIMB.

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