Evolve 2019

This Thursday saw Lt. Gen. P.R. Kumar, former Director General of Military Operations, visit IIM Bangalore and interact with students about his takeaways from almost a four-decades-long military career. He touched on soul-stirring themes of what drives a military jawan to sacrifice his life during service, what it takes to develop the discipline, bravery, selflessness, and valor. “I will come either with a hoisted flag or wrapped in a  flag but I will come back”, he quoted Capt. Vikram Batra, leading to a huge round of applause by the riveted audience. Commenting on the purpose of a jawan’s life, he said, “A Jawan dies more for his naam, namak, nishan than the entire country.”

Lt. Gen. P.R. Kumar highlighted the similarities between corporate life and military life. He narrated anecdotes to highlight the importance of discipline and cooperation in one’s career. He further focussed on the need for continuous perseverance to further one’s career and to make progress in achieving one’s dreams. According to him, a leader doesn’t merely direct his team to the enemy but asks others to follow him, while he leads from the front. He also left the IIMB students with key lessons about how to lead a life with purpose, to follow their heart, and have fun while pursuing their passion and jobs.

This is the third workshop in the Evolve series conducted by Forum for Industrial Interaction (FII). The opening workshop on Personal Finance was conducted by Ms. Monika Halan, Consulting Editor for Mint. This crisp session unfolded into a conversation between Ms. Halan and the students on how to save and grow their wealth. The core of the session lied in the answer to a basic question, “We work hard to earn our money, but regardless of that, the money worry never goes away. Why?”. Her discussions around her book, “Let’s Talk Money”, which held valuable lessons on personal financing including finding the right investment options, staying away from real estate, and creation of three bank accounts to manage your spending better touched a nerve with the crowd.

The second workshop was focussed on Building Brand You. Poornima Kotak, with 7 years of personal coaching experience and 20 years of corporate experience, had a strong message – Fashion comes and goes like the weather, Brand is what remains timeless. The session started on the premise of how building a brand is a more comprehensive concept than simply social media management. It is a concept that is intrinsic and should come from within, only then does it percolate to all walks of one’s life. Branding is dependent on the 4Cs – Conditioning, Confidence, Charisma & Connect. If one masters this then one can build a great Brand over a period of time. On a personal note, she mentioned that she was never a brilliant student academically, but she focussed on dramatics, singing, stage activities etc. This gave her the confidence to carry herself in a way that people notice when she enters a room. It is necessary to concentrate on your capabilities, for those make you unique.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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