Eximius 2013- ‘Ideas in Action’



“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”.

As rightly quoted by Napoleon Hill, the desire to make big doesn’t always need a heavy set up. Small can also be beautiful. Correlating it to the idea of entrepreneurship, there are innumerable reasons which have proved that the small sized business units and start-ups have a significant role to play in solving the major problems of the world.

Eximius, the Entrepreneurship Summit of IIM Bangalore and the largest of its kind in India, focuses on creating a culture of excellence in the minds of the budding entrepreneurs. It hits on the cognitive abilities bringing together, the virtues of lateral thinking, knowledge-sharing and learning to learn approach. The two days of celebrating entrepreneurship marked by B-Plans, workshops and a boot camp highlight the association between entrepreneurship and innovation, and how new ideas are promoted using innovative ways.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” This quote by Thomas Edison beautifully brings to light the theme of Eximius 2013- ‘Ideas in Action’. We aim to provide an environment that will constantly churn out new ideas, and act as a liaison in helping the ideas turn into real business opportunities. Our events focus on a wide range of activities like learning the art of business valuation, finding innovative solutions to real life social problems, convincing your potential investor to invest in your idea within a minute and many more. The underlying theme is in enhancing the ability of the future entrepreneurs to innovate through better usage of their innate skills.

A real entrepreneur is one who fully embraces ambiguity, is not dogmatic and is comfortable with being challenged regularly. The wide range of 19 events at Eximius complemented by a few pre and post Eximius events, focus on putting young minds in simulated entrepreneurial conditions. This motivates them to think laterally and put themselves in the shoes of an actual entrepreneur and make viable decisions.

Eximius helps people connect with those who have already experienced the highs and lows and learnt from their successes and failures as entrepreneurs. The students and participants are expected to be enlightened by eminent personalities like Kris Gopalakrishnan, Kiran Bedi, Jacob Mathew, Amit Gupta, Parag Dhol, Ravi Gururaj and many more.

Eximius houses a range of discussions on challenges specific to e-commerce, cloud and mobile platforms based start-ups. The summit also includes a unique workshop that focuses on removing the inhibitions people have about entrepreneurship which is aimed at increasing the level of tolerance for risk which is one of the essential attributes a successful entrepreneur should have.

Developing success from failures is what you will learn in the two days of the summit through the magic of the events, the persona of the speakers and the charm of the mood. So come and live the entrepreneur in you! For you may not know what life has in store for you!

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