Eximius 2016 Inauguration by Dr. Devdutt Patnaik

Eximius 2016 was inaugurated with a key note address from the man behind many of India’s best-selling books linking management and mythology – Dr. Devdutt Patnaik. His talk began with an overarching statement that everyone is seeking predictability. Both the entrepreneur who is in search of an investor as well as the business who is seeking the next big market wave seek predictability as it makes them feel secure. He said that once there is predictability, there is control and as a result we can better predict the future and hence feel secure.

He then moved on to speak about the extent of control companies have on our ecosystem. He stressed on the need to build a diverse ecosystem that favours no single entity alone. He used the example of a blade of grass to motivate the emerging start-ups and entrepreneurs. When we pluck grass from the ground, its roots are still entrenched in the soil. The grass survives. He urged the audience to find opportunities and not be afraid of threats. He egged them to fight back when pulled down by threats.

Then he spoke about how human beings are the only creatures that seek control, the desire to control others’ minds. He drew a parallel by saying that in the same manner that animals want to consume food and satisfy themselves, humans desire the control of others. Despite a person being wealthy, there is still a yearning for control and hence a yearning for predictability. This leads to a sense of insecurity. He then explained that this insecurity arises because of the desire to feel powerful. When a person can control others then that person feels powerful. A powerful person builds a brand for himself and protects it. This brand makes the person feels safe and beats the insecurity.

He put things in perspective by saying that we have built values for ourselves so that we can feel safe in the ecosystem we live in. We need to satisfy our hungers, remove our fears and protect our identities. When there is insecurity our brand is eroded. When there is success then the brand is recognized. He concluded by saying that it is very important that we know our brands and discover our true identities.

Post the inauguration, Dr. Devdutt Patnaik interacted briefly with SMC where he spoke about his passion for mythology and management techniques that are rooted in our mythologies.

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