For the Love of Literature: LitFest 2.0

Contributed by: Arijit Manna

Edited by: Arunjyoti Das

LitFest, the flagship event of LitSoc – the Literary Club of IIM Bangalore, is currently going on in the campus. This time, the event is spread from 23rd December 2018 to 6th January 2019 with multiple workshops, online competitions, and an open mic event.

The first event to be conducted was the Storytelling Workshop by Lakshya Datta held on 23rd December 2018. Mr. Lakshya Datta is the founder and CEO of Launchora, a platform for storytelling and creative learning. Prior to starting up and founding Launchora, Mr. Datta was a lecturer at San Diego State University where he taught Finance & Valuation at their business school. He left the world of finance behind to start Launchora in 2014. He is currently running creativity and storytelling programs (online and offline) at schools, colleges, and businesses all over India.

The open mic event comes back on popular demand. The first open mic of this year was held on 10th November 2018, and we got to see a plethora of performances from aspiring stand-up comedians, storytellers, and poets present amongst our batchmates.

The event has been brought back and scheduled on 6th January 2019 to unearth hidden gems amongst us. It is being conducted in collaboration with the writing platform YourQuote. The videos of the individual performances from the event would be posted on their YouTube channel.

Since the process of understanding and enjoying of Literature can seldom be completed in one day, LitSoc is also hosting a bunch of online events where one can showcase their literary side (and perhaps their wacky side as well). The online events include the Meme Generator, Online Quiz, and Writing Competitions. The events are being conducted this week and some very interesting write-ups have been shared by the participants, and they are being liked by their friends in the race to get maximum likes and grab the attention of judges.

The Writing Workshop would be conducted by IIM Bangalore alum, Mr. Sandeep Das. He is an Associate Director with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). He is also the author of bestsellers ‘Yours Sarcastically’ and ‘Satan’s Angels.’ Mr. Das will take us through his journey of being inspired by everyday things, of writing in between flights, board meetings, parties, and shopping trips while also successfully maintaining a consulting career. There would be tips and insights into unconventional writing and ideas on how to publish books.

Last but not least, LitSoc would also be keeping the BookRack open for an entire week during the LitFest (31st December to 5th January). BookRack is the club-managed library situated at the back of the pool room, where one can get their favorite books issued. The collection includes thousands of books from authors such as Stephen King, Khalil Gibran and the author’s personal favorite, P. G. Wodehouse. Like every year, LitSoc has updated the collection by bringing in new books like ‘I do what I do’ by Raghuram Rajan, ‘Kashi ke Assi’ by Kashinath Singh, ‘Start with why’ by Simon Sinek among numerous others this time. LitSoc also publishes its monthly magazine, ‘Bits Bytes and Bakar’ with contributions from our batchmates which include poems, articles, and even the occasional anecdote.

LitFest brings together the spirit of literature and romance of books among the management folks here, once again igniting the love for the word. The students are expected to turn out in large numbers to soak in a bit of literature this LitFest.

Arijit and Arunjyoti are students of PGP 2018-20 and 2017-19 batches, respectively, of IIM Bangalore, and are members of the literary club, LitSoc.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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