This is a poem I wrote for one of Communication for Leaders lecture. The kind people in my class motivated me to publish this in a blog. I guess, sometimes you need other people to appreciate your work before you can believe in yourself.

Ladies and Gentlemen and class of 2018,
How quick these last two years have been.
Suited and booted our journey began,
When for interview we charted our 10-year career plans.
In our hearts, the dream wasn’t so clear,
But, we envisioned the face of our families dropping a tear.
For the next month we refreshed our e-mails,
Wondering if it said ‘congratulations’ and we could set sail.
Finally, we all came to the ‘place to be’,
Motivated and filled with glee.
We thought we will have enough time to settle,
However, very soon, with various commitments we had to wrestle.
Study or sleep; friends or dating; projects or a job,
Our lives now, definitely, had no stop.
Over internship we got a flavor of our future,
Wondering if we could get back to campus sooner.
With exchange knocking on door,
We knew it won’t be long and this cocoon wouldn’t last anymore,
And we would be asked to go out and explore.
While we hold these beautiful degrees,
Let us reminisce for a moment please.
Remember when for CAT you burnt the midnight oil?
You learnt nothing happens without hard work and toil.
Remember when you were sitting in that interview room?
You learnt to trust yourself when things look promising or are doomed.
Remember when you stepped in this campus through those gates?
You learnt to be hopeful and explore what awaits.
Remember when you wanted to give up and go home?
You learnt life is not just rosy but gloom prone.
Remember that friend who heard you out on those campus strolls?
You learnt there’ll be someone to pull you out of the worst holes.
Remember when you realized you weren’t the best,
You learnt becoming humbler was your test.
Tomorrow, as we start yet another journey to fame,
Remember, becoming better versions of ourselves is the aim.

– Sonali

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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