How I met my friends

Akankshan Trigun (PGP 2013-15) on her convocation right in the first month of college!


It’s not a ponderous tome on how nothing really happens but a short and true story

“Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven…

Would it be the same… if I saw you in heaven…

I must be strong… and carry on …

Coz I know I don’t belong… Here in heaven

On the 8th of July, I understood what Eric Clapton really meant when he composed this song. In a new place, living and studying with total strangers tends to stagnate your soul. In my case, more so because my entire gang was having fun at the long awaited convocation of our beloved college and home IIT BHU. Loneliness was growing on me like dark creepers. So much was going on inside but no external manifestation except for one of those stupid new contraptions of Facebook which puts your status as something like “Akanksha Trigun is feeling lonely :(”. A few of my classmates from section ‘A’ asked me on my ‘wall’ what happened. I warded off those questions with cursory replies like “Nothing yaar! Just missing home coz couldn’t go for my convocation”

All was good and fine until…

On the 9th, just another late evening tutorial on a rainy day had ended and I was packing my things when our CR climbed up on the stage and announced “Please don’t go, I have an announcement”. It was met with fake “oooh nooo’s!” and then she said “we are going to celebrate Akanksha’s convocation!” As if on a cue, and all at once, I was pulled up from my seat, a convocation hat and gown appeared and I was in it! Every one climbed on the stage and there were claps and cheers and huddles and hugs and photos and I was given a degree and a certificate which read “Section A on recommendation of classmates, hereby confers the degree of awesomeness on Akanksha Trigun for winning our hearts.” While I went pondering about the ‘tears in heaven’ and stuff these strangers were planning this whole thing and arranging everything, giving it so much ‘time’ which seems to be the biggest deal here.

That was the epoch which marked the beginning of everlasting bonds. I had a pleasant realization, that saying that “you are not alone” or “don’t feel lonely” is not the real thing. Showing it is! I realized that God places winged angels in the map of our lives, so that when we are steering away full throttle in the wrong direction, they may reset our GPS to the right location

In the ruckus of cheers and claps, my heart was singing a whole new song that day

“If you were a wink, I’d be a nod

If you were seed well I’d be a pod..

If you were a floor I’d wanna be a rug

If you were a kiss I know I’d be a hug … nan a naa ..a nanan ;)”


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