IIMB founder Ramaswamy no more

Bangalore, Sep 17, 2012, Deccan Herald

IIMB FounderProf N S Ramaswamy, founder director of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, passed away on Monday evening after a prolonged illness.

He was 86. Ramaswamy is survived by his wife Rajam Parvathi, son Rajan Ramaswamy and daughter Rajani Shekhar.

Nateuvilmatom Srinivasan Ramaswamy was born in Thrissur, Kerala and was an active member of the student movement. He held various positions in student organisations.

A committed man when it came to animals, he was managing director of the Centre for Action, Research and Technology for Man, Animals and Nature (CARTMAN), an NGO catering to the welfare of animals and was christened ‘Swaminathan’ of India’s livestock. He was also the founder of the Indian Heritage Academy, an NGO working to foster culture, philosophy, spirituality and concepts drawn from ancient thought and wisdom.

Known for his vast experience in management, he worked as a consultant for Airports Authority of India and the Parliamentary Committee on Railways among others.

He was awarded the Padmabhushan in January, 2006. He has also held positions as Director of National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, president of Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering and Computer Society of India, chairman of Animal Welfare Board of India and the Meat Committee of the Government of India, the World Productivity Congress Committee, besides committees of the ICAR and Planning Commission on Animal Energy. He has also held advisory positions in various committees.

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