International Mountain Day – An Ode to Anveshan

Contributed By: Team Anveshan
Edited By: Ashay Sinha

‘Climb Mountains not so that the world can see you, but so you can see the world.’
-A Mountaineer

Adventure takes you to places where you’d have never imagined before. It is what keeps that adrenaline rush inside you intact and keeps you curious to explore more. Our life is filled with several adventures, and on this International Mountain Day, Team Anveshan wants to share an astonishing story of our fellow Junior Coordinator.

An experience on the Sahyadri ranges and the Honeybees!

I, along with my 17 friends, planned a kayaking and an adventure trip to Dang forest in October. It was a spontaneous trip, so we did not carry a lot of resources with us. We wanted to be as raw as possible around nature. We finally had our most awaited kayaking experience, but there was still something missing.

From the place we camped, we could see the Sahyadri range, Nahvi mountain. Nahvi was a fort built by Shivaji Maharaj, on a 4200 ft mountain and it was believed to have the most beautiful view of the entire range from its top. We realized that this is what was missing and all of us had just one thought in our mind, ‘The mountains are calling, and we must go!’. So on the last day of our trip, we planned the trek to Nahvi mountain.

We started the climb around 6 pm and reached our destination, the top of the mountain, at 9 pm. We saw the sun setting down while climbing up. For the entire trek, we did not feel the need to light up our torch because everything was lit with bright moonlight and fireflies were guiding our path. Although the trek wasn’t an easy one, it had few steep and risky climbs, but the view after reaching the top was breath-taking. Even with the October heat, it was chilly up there, and the cold breeze on our faces took away all our weariness. We pitched our tents and lit a fire, had tea and few snacks, stayed back for a while to appreciate the calmness of the mountains and then slept off. The next morning, we woke up early to witness the sunrise, awed ourselves for the last time by Nahvi mountain’s beauty, and filled with warmth, we were ready to descend.

Students of IIMB enjoying a trek organized by Anveshan

We believed it was a fantastic end to our trip and were all set to go back home, but you never know what’s on your way next. As we were about to climb down, a honeybee started hovering above my head and suddenly stung me on my ear. As a reaction, I instantly shook my head and slapped the bee which unfortunately killed it, releasing a pheromone (achemical which produces a smell on stinging of a bee to attract other bees). Within 5 seconds hundreds of bees flew towards us to attack, we tried to scare them with smoke from last night’s bonfire, but it didn’t help. All of us were so scared that everyone started running hither and thither and some of us even got stung by more than 20 bees. There was a small 9 feet deep water well nearby which had dirty stagnant water in it but to get rid of the bees we jumped into the well (the worst option we could’ve chosen). The bees did not leave us even then, so we stayed in that freezing water for an hour. Fortunately, some villagers heard us and came to our rescue. They helped us get out of the water, rubbed marigold flower petals on our skin (an effective repellent of bees) and covered us with our sleeping bags. We descended along with them, though the bees were still following us they did not come near us due to the smell of marigold flowers. On our way back the villagers calmed us all down by telling their local stories, which cheered us up. It took us around 3 hours to climb down the mountain, and as soon as we got down, we went to the nearby hospital, got some primary treatment & painkillers and left for home.

With a relaxing and enthralling start, we ended up having an experience which we will never forget. It taught us a great deal about how to handle such kind of situations when in the wild and still how to make the most out of every experience! This venture did not stop us from going on more such treks but did make us realize the importance of gaining enough knowledge before any plans.

Anveshan is a club at IIM Bangalore that strives to bring such memorable experiences for the student community through initiatives of treks and other expeditions at regular intervals of time. The club enables students to venture out to undiscovered areas to experience the hidden elements of mother nature. This brings out a sense of adventure and fun in them and allows them to be more sensitive about their surroundings. Over the time, Anveshan has built up its own portfolio of expeditions and treks. Also, the club has developed associations with Adventure vendors like Decathlon and Wildcraft and travel clubs like Bangalore Mountaineering Club (BMC), Bangalore Ascenders, Adventures365, 365hops, Wild Wanderers, etc.

Going by the quote “Altitude is a Great Equalizer”, Anveshan believes that an adventure brings people from most diverse backgrounds together and puts them into most enthralling situations in the most beautiful places. The most dissimilar people become the best of friends through these journeys. Strangers become friends, experiences become memories and Anveshan just loves to bring people together for journeys and adventures that they’ll always cherish and remember.

Anveshan is the adventure, mountaineering and trekking club of IIMB run by the student body.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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