Internship Diaries of 2021: Finance at Citibank

Internship Diaries of 2021 is a series about the various categories of roles offered by companies for summer internships. We bring to you the experiences of interns from Consulting, Finance, Marketing, General Management, Product Management and E-commerce roles to understand a bit more about their work life. The articles are meant to give the reader a glimpse into the life of an intern and help the reader understand their fit in that particular role.

Contributed by: Suhani Singhal

Suhani is an Economics graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce. She is a CFA L3 candidate and being a fresher, she doesn’t have any past work experience but has interned in a couple of fin-based roles.

Edited by: Lakshmi R V

Within a span of two months, I got a chance to work with two desks, highlighting the dynamism of the work in a Markets Role, which was exactly what I was looking for. Within the two desks, understanding the practical aspects of multiple financial products even in a virtual set-up was quite enriching.

My internship happened during a time when our country was facing a massive health crisis, and everyone was impacted in one way or the other. There was immense support in ensuring that everyone was having a comfortable experience. Additionally, the managers, buddies as well as other co-workers were extremely helpful in answering the various questions that came up while understanding the deliverables and completing the projects and in connecting me to international colleagues for more clarity on the subject matter. The fact that everyone was going out of their way to help the interns gain a meaningful experience despite the given constraints was overwhelming.

The excitement about a Markets role usually comes from being on the floor and getting involved in live sales and trading deals. Given the constraints, this wasn’t possible but the various interactions with the international teams, not only regarding the internship project but also about some of the recent topics or transactions they had been working on, were quite engaging and catalyzed in making this internship a wholesome experience.

Apart from that, interactions with various other desks and divisions helped me to get a sense of the broader picture of how a global bank like Citi works and what have been the motivating factors of the people who have spend decades in these roles. This was extremely helpful as I understood the various traits and skills- not just technical but also personality-based and cultural- which count and make a difference, in the industry and the bank.

Initially, because of the internship being conducted in a virtual set-up, there were difficulties in connecting with people but fast forward a few weeks, all of us interns were able to engage effectively with co-workers on topics within and even outside of the domain of our projects. This was possible because of constant support from the desk heads, the managers, and the buddies who encouraged us to learn more about the bank and the Markets business in general and also helped us to build an initial connection with their colleagues.

Markets was a role I was keenly looking at, during the recruitment months and the various conversations I had had with the seniors working in this role helped me set these expectations, along with which I set some expectations from myself too for the summers. I am glad to say that all of these expectations were fulfilled and as I look back to the two months spent at Citi, I have taken away a bag full of learnings.

As my parting advice, I would like to say that while the first stage encompasses preparing for the role to crack the sector, the second part entails being even more enthusiastic during the internship to learn more and be proactive in communicating with the various desks and teams. The idea is to gain as much breadth and depth as possible because the world of markets doesn’t have a boundary and one of the best ways to learn is to understand the experiences of co-workers and the key takeaways from their journeys so far.

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