Interview with the DMLs

Hola IIM B ! This article brings to you students from the coveted Director’s Merit List. They are the top academic performers at IIM Bangalore. We caught up with a few of them and asked them some fun and probing questions. In return we have got some pretty interesting responses to share with you ! Read on to know more…

1. What has been the most memorable experience in college?

Nikhil Goel : There isn’t any one particular moment. I have a lots of stories about time spent with friends which can be shared over cups of coffee!

Nishant Gupta : The Amit Trivedi performance in Unmaad was one of the best moments in IIMB.

Abhinav Mishra : A 3 AM trip to Nandi Hills after a night out.

Abhishek Nandi : Dancing to “Ladki beautiful kar gayi chul” and “Champion” in Aarambh 2016 with batchmates was great start to the IIMB stint!

Rishi Vora : Playing squash with my friends : a sport which is fun, competitive, fast and amazing at the same time.

Umang Mehta : The most memorable moment in college was the poker tournament organized during Unmaad. The rush of winning my way to the last table was something I will never forget.

Pratik Anand : Difficult to rate. Birthday celebration at L^2, maybe.

2. What alternate profession would you have considered outside of the business world if you had to choose one? Why?

Nikhil Goel : Teaching. It has always been very close to my heart and I still love to teach whenever I can to whomever I can.

Nishant Gupta : I think I would have been a teacher, as I love to teach my peers, and I would be doing a noble act.

Abhinav Mishra : I have always been fascinated by literature and had an affinity towards books. Perhaps a writer, poet or a librarian.

Abhishek Nandi : I would be a tour guide in Europe as it would allow me to travel for free and also meet curious and inquisitive tourists daily!

Rishi Vora : A counsellor – I am a good listener and I can offer rational advice to people during difficult times!

Umang Mehta : I would have become an astronaut because space is something that always used to amaze me as a child and I wanted to uncover the dark secrets of our universe then.

Pratik Anand : Eco/ Public policy Professor or Civil services. This is out of sheer interest in putting domain knowledge to use while also learning during the process.

3. If you had a million dollars right now, what would you do?

Nikhil Goel : Travel, Travel and Travel to the most exotic places on the Earth!

Nishant Gupta : Possibly start a venture of my own, although I still need to come up with an idea for it.

Abhinav Mishra : No big dreams to fulfill. Quoting Admiral Ackbar here ‘It’s a trap’.

Abhishek Nandi : Party in Ibiza till cash runs out.

Rishi Vora : Invest it in the stocks listed across all the global markets and just play the game of instincts and skill!

Umang Mehta : I would open a restaurant in Mumbai with half the amount and I would invest the rest in the Indian equities.

Pratik Anand : Pay loans, keep some money aside and try my hands at running a start up with the remaining money.

4. What is the one thing you would want to change about IIM B if you had complete authority to?

Nikhil Goel : The way placement process is conducted here at IIMB or in general at all IIMs.

Nishant Gupta : Provide more time from academics, to pursue extra curricular activities and competitions outside IIMB.

Abhinav Mishra : More flexibility to opt for courses.

Abhishek Nandi : I would change the absolute relative grading policy because I believe there are many components to academic excellence which cannot be strictly compared. I would propose a semi relative grading policy as in the IITs where the Professor is allowed to give good grades to all the students who fared well.

Rishi Vora : Unhealthy competition amongst students; I believe competition is necessary but not at the cost of extreme stress!

Umang Mehta : I would change the image of IIM B as a consult Bschool. I would try to bring more finance oriented courses and would admit more finance oriented students to balance the mix.

Pratik Anand : PGP mandatory 80% attendance requirement.

5. Who is your favourite professor and why?

Nikhil Goel : Prof. Sourav Mukherji. He taught us Managing Organizations in the first term and the way he used to moderate class discussions was simply amazing. He has been a great motivator both inside and outside the classrooms.

Nishant Gupta : I have had the privilege of being taught by some of the best professors in IIMB. Some of my favourites include- Avinash Mulky, Anshuman Tripathi, Pranav Garg, Chetan Subramaniam. But in my opinion the best professor was Mukta Kularni ma’am. She is not just a good professor, but is always willing to accept your point of view, reconsider her positions, and correct. Further, she is the only teacher who would send appreciation mails to the people who do well in the subject, after every quiz/exam, which boosts a student’s self confidence in term 1!

Abhinav Mishra : Two professors whose classes I have enjoyed the most were Professor Vasanthi Srinivasan and Professor YLR Moorthy. I believe they are the best because they helped me in developing a perspective for the better understanding of the world.

Abhishek Nandi : My favourite professor is SG Badrinath who taught Investments in Term 3. I really appreciate how he taught investment strategies as more as an art and encouraged us to look at the story that the investment pitch was building up to.

Rishi Vora : Prof. Dinesh Kumar. He is highly intellectual and he made a subject such as DS which I perceived to be theoretical into purely practical!

Umang Mehta : Dinesh Kumar (decision science 2) was the best professor I had in the first year. Reason being simple – he could make DS seem easy to non-engineers like me and for the first time in my life I found quant/statistics interesting because of his teaching style.

Pratik Anand : YLR Moorthy. A good combination of knowledge and humor is always exciting!

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