It’s War Alright! The Batch Fought, The Batch Won!

Contributed By: Akanksha Dewaker

“After the Decision Science quiz on 21st, the whole batch was in a sombre mood. And look at us all dancing mad at an imaginary baraart 2 days later” – Arushi Verma, PGP1 student

The Saturday afternoon started with planning and trying to put a strategy for the three-day onslaught of fun and competition. But the end of the day, plans were put aside as the instincts took over as the sections came together to fight for the ultimate bragging rights. The War of Sections is an informal inter-sectional cultural competition where the first years take charge to conduct and compete for the title through various student club organized events.

The fest kicked off with the “Dress your CR” event. With little preparation and much enthusiasm, the class representatives began to emerge as tribal leaders, mythical characters and well, Rajnikant! The ENS Waste Wars, which showcased the art created by students from waste, and Trivial Beats by Media Cell, the online treasure hunt, carried the battle online. Then came the “human scrabble” and “Splash” at night, which saw great participation with the all PGP1s coming down to L2 (the common quadrangle) to end the day.

On the second day, the energy was not only limited to L2. The central pergola resembled a movie set as Section D, the previous year winners, started chanting “We won’t give it back” in troop formation for their sectional video. The sectional videos and mannequin challenges saw exceptional ideas with themes like college tour, classroom culture and comparing studious and crazy side of PGP1s. The classrooms were filled with laughter, gasps, hooting and whistle as competitions like “Story Story Die” unfolded. Even the spaces outside classrooms were buzzing with the thematic play competitions like“Kissa Kursi Ka” in the evening which filled the air with students chanting slogans. As there were points for audience presence in several events, the teams shouted their lungs out to boost participants from their sections. Rains did little to waver enthusiasm. Mashterix was shifted to the auditorium as sun set in. The marketing event saw branding of “Bhujia flavoured vodka” with lots of cheering, shouting and hooting. Talk about direct, in your face advertising!

Day 3 came with Monday blues with people rushing through case readings with sleepy eyes. However, these sleepy eyes lit up as students geared up for their first case study, Sabse Bada Dramebazz and other events. The most awaited fun extravaganza was inarguably the ‘Baraati Dance’. All the sections set the stage on fire with quirky takes on teh dance like a modern bride entering on cycle in traditional attire. The amazing choreography in such limited time deserved much applause. Finally, the curtains were closed upon the event declaring Section C and Section D as the joint winners of the 3-day thrllining affair.

From drama to bararati dance, from strategy to pet conversations, the plethora of events at WoS had something for everyone. It saw people shedding off what remained of their inhibitions after Ice breaker. And although people lost their jackets, stuff and room keys (yours truly included) in the midst of fun and frolic, what they found was an everlasting bond for their sections and the batch as a whole as well.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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