Lead Child Actor in a National TV Show – Karan Attri, PGP 2017-19

Karan Attri
PGP 2017-19
IIM Bangalore

In this journey called ‘Life’ the more we open ourselves to diverse experiences and people, the more influential we become! In my pursuit of experience, I try to participate in all kinds of activities I come across. Coming straight as a fresher to IIM Bangalore, I did my graduation from NSIT college in Computer Engineering. Although a manager-in-making, I have always enjoyed acting very much. My passion towards acting lead me to a way in which I was selected as the lead child actor at the age of ten in a national TV show: Golu ke Goggles, which was televised on Star Plus.

The show revolved around a simple and innocent 12-year old boy who hailed from a hill station. At one point, his life took a drastic turn when he landed upon a pair of goggles which allowed him to see the future. Caring and helpful as he was, Golu with his goggles saw the future and helped everyone by solving their problems. This pair of glasses acted as his weapon in the course of his life and slowly turned him into a wiser and more responsible individual who gradually learned how to deal with life.

My selection for this show was bit of luck and bit of passion. As my father works at NTPC Limited, so I got an opportunity to meet Mr. Ranjit Kapoor from National School of Drama, Delhi, when he had come for a theatre workshop in an NTPC Project. He was quite impressed by my acting skills after the workshop and luckily his daughter Ms. Grusha Kapoor was producing a TV serial for kids at that time. After 3 rigorous rounds of auditions that included both video auditions and in-person auditions at Mumbai, I was finally selected as the lead actor for the show.

Even after the show I kept on participating in various stage shows, street plays, video magazines and news-anchoring throughout my school and undergraduate life. IIM Bangalore, ‘the place to B’ provides a plethora of such activities and I am glad I can still pursue them here at IIM Bangalore.

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