LitFest 2018

On the morning of 28th Jan, the Literary society of IIM Bangalore organized LitFest for the young and budding writers to learn the art of writing their own story. The day kickstarted with guest speaker session by our own IIM Bangalore alums turned published authors (Sandeep Das and Tony V Francis). The after lunch session included “YourQuote” masterclass workshop series and ended with an open mic poetry event which was broadcasted on YourQuote’s YouTube channel as well.

Speaker session started with Tony V Francis, author of “The Autograph Seeker”, sharing his journey of publishing a book. He gave a crisp idea of what we need to take care of while writing a book. His speech included tips on how to structure our thoughts, how to create characters and develop their persona by adding the necessary and important details. According to him getting a book published is as difficult as writing it; he said having a good logline (describing the book in 3 lines) is very important since it acts like a sales pitch for the publishers. He believes writing books can take us places, it has potential to achieve anything and can keep our spirit alive even when our body dies. In his mind writing a book is same as building a house and the royalty acts as a rent for other people who borrow our thoughts.

The speaker session was then proceeded by Sandeep Das – management consultant by day and an author by night. He is the author of “Satan’s Angels” and the bestseller “Yours Sarcastically”. In his opinion writing a book is not very difficult but getting it published surely is. He says once we have decided upon the genre and the story, we need to get three things right – Characterization, Incidents, and Emotions. He perceives the book industry as similar to music industry where in order to become successful we need a long-term commitment (10 years). As per him, the scenario is now changing. With the advent of technology and introduction of Amazon Kindle, it has become easy to get self-published and prove your talent to the world and publishers. Getting a publisher, marketing your book and a stroke of luck is essential in this industry, thus we need to have a lot of motivation and perseverance to become a good author.

The latter half of the day included “YourQuote” masterclass workshop on spoken word poetry, which was a very engaging session for the audience. The workshop covered the origin of spoken word poetry, its meaning, and future prospects. Participants also learned how to compose by writing a piece themselves and got the first-hand experience of the journey a writer goes through while penning down his thoughts. The workshop surely helped in getting an understanding of the world of spoken word and sparked the light in few of us to become a writer in future. Result for Litfest’s curtain-raiser quizzing event Quizilla (winner: Tamal Dutta) and article writing event Articulate (winner: Aninda Halder) also got announced based on the submissions received over past week.

The day ended with the eagerly awaited open mic session in the evening where writers got to showcase their poetry skills in front of the large audience. The recitals were covered live and posted on “YourQuote YouTube channel which has 157K subscribers.


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