Milan: Going Beyond the Classroom

Contributed By: Akanksha Dewaker

Culcom- the cultural club of IIMB recently conducted the first Student-Faculty Cultural Meet, “Milan”. The students are often left in awe by the profiles and experiences of the distinguished IIMB professors, this time, we experienced the same awe for their stage talents.

The initiative for Milan was taken to bring the students and faculty together outside the classroom and bring out the hidden talent within us.  Even though the exams are near, the students were very excited for the faculty performances on stage and came out in large numbers for the programme. The professors were equally excited, and the fits of laughter and the sound of claps came both from the professors and students.

The spectacular Kathak performance by Professor Shreelata set the stage. The audience was left overwhelmed by her performance pieces, Angikam and Sheshfan. Our PGP chair, Professor Padmini Srinivasan played the character of the mother to a PGP student in a play by Drama Society and brought the ‘fun in the hustle’ angle to our life at IIMB.

The students also put their best foot forward and performances by the various clubs such as Literature Society, Taal and Dhwani enthralled the audiences. Culcom had an interesting game to play between performances, the audience members had to sing a song featuring actors and artists mentioned on the screens. We got to hear a lot of faculty members singing and even though the game was finally won by students, we loved the bits of memories created there.

Professor Rajagopalan sang a beautiful duet with support from PGP1 student, Deepika. The duo held the audience speechless with their melodious voice. The old classics like “Kora Kaagaz tha mann mera…” entertained both the faculty and students alike.

A poem by PGP student, Akanksha brought in the relatable experience of MBA life through the eyes of a tea lover.

Professor Dinesh Kumar performed stand-up comedy for the audience. Though the students of Professor Kumar would have a hunch of his sense of humor, they were all pleasantly surprised by the sarcastic performance and were left in fits of laughter. He talked about his college days and boy, could we relate.

Canvas helped us all get in touch with our artistic side and made us create cute bookmarks on spot. We got to keep these for reminding us to get back to the books and take a break from them once in a while. The song performance by Neerja, PGP1 and her crew on the Michael Jackson song, ‘Heal the World’ put a perfect picture of a band from the 80s for us. Another PGP student, Subbashri touched our hearts with her bhajan performance.

It was Professor Tirthatanmoy whose performance completely surprised us all. The audience was left astounding with his performance on the Harmonica and Guitar.’

The student dance group performed on top peppy numbers. It is this plethora of talent right from old classics to upbeat performances and poems to band performance that was celebrated at Milan. The closing words of Professor M S Narasimhan really echoed our feelings when we said that Milan should not be taken up as an annual event and should be conducted every term.

Akanksha is a student of PGP 2018-20 batch at IIM Bangalore and is a member of the Student Media Cell.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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