My New Year at IIMB!

Contributed By: Shreyosi Samanta

It is a well-acknowledged meme that humans are the only species that celebrates when our home planet makes one circle around the sun. But no one can dismiss the fact that this is a global tradition uniting billions of humans in cheering for the end and hoping for a good new beginning. Every year, I, too, would immerse myself in a celebratory mood and sit curled up in my living room sofa, sipping hot coffee and watch random TV shows till it struck midnight, and we wished each other a happy new year and went to bed. My mother always made it a point to cook something special at home as it was virtually impossible to go out anywhere as all places would be booked.


However, this time, I spent the last day of the year packed with classes during the day, a project meeting in the evening, and finally, I resigned myself to picking up some snacks from Haneenas and going to bed. Life at IIMB seemed to go on as usual with people busy with their ongoing work. I missed my home and my favorite sofa corner where I would while away the whole day doing nothing, and here I was working on a submission on New Year’s Eve! It seemed like just another day until at about 10 PM CulCom set up the L-square party. And it was in the next two hours the entire mood of IIMB changed. Pretty ladies strutted the long corridors and gentlemen gathered in large numbers in the L-square. As I stood there in one corner, I watched the whole student community descend onto the arena. As laughter flowed and dance moves took over the floor, it finally felt like a New Year’s Eve. Then the countdown began, and with happy screams, we welcomed a new year. The party went on, and we danced and danced until we could dance no more. It was 3 am when we dragged ourselves back to our rooms. And next morning, everything seemed just as usual as we sprinted, with baggy eyes and heavy heads, to class at 9:59 am to make the card swipe on time!


My new year at IIMB was a new experience where parties pop up at the drop of a hat, and everything seems to go back to normal just as quickly. As I slog through the first day of the year with another submission due in a couple of hours, I am sure my year will be happening and full of great things to come.

Shreyosi is a student of PGP 2019-2021 batch of IIM Bangalore.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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