New Year, New You – IIMB Writes its 2019 Resolutions

Contributed By: Karthick Selvan and Arun Nayan Singh

With the last stroke of the December sun setting upon us, we looked at “the year that was” and set our sights on the year ahead. We have learned that we can endure even the hardest challenges of life and the passion to win is what that keeps us going, aspiring for greater heights. 

We make resolutions to correct the mistakes of the past and make new ones in the future. After all, life is all about experiencing change. Yet, 80-90% of us fail to keep up with the resolutions made. At IIM Bangalore too, we asked the PGP students what they had in mind for this year, and we got a lot of very interesting responses. Here are some of the interesting ones (slightly edited for readability, comments added, meant to be taken with salt according to taste). 

“King Kong at the top of the water tank!”

We sincerely hope that the person is kidding.

“I will delete my TV series!”

We would like to wish the potential DML our best.

“Get fit and get married.”

Nice! Please invite us as well – we wouldn’t eat too much – promise! 

“Hustle for muscle!”

Same as last year, eh?

“Make money in Entrepreneurial Mindset course.”

Can we get some equity? Pretty Please?

“I will get back to 32”!”

Talking about monitors screen size?

“Survive 2019!”

That’s the spirit. As an aside, is that sober or blotto?

“Shoo all the guys with a stick!”

Meninists coming in 3.. 2.. 

“Breakfast karoongi, Pre reads karoongi.”

5 rupees say this resolution wouldn’t last more than 3 days. Anyone willing to take us up on that?

“No more alcohol.”

Till next week? 

“We will win Sangharsh!”

That we will. 😎

As we gear up for another year of roller coaster ride, let us remember that the biggest breakthroughs in life lie just beyond the darkest days. It is important to take it lightly, and keep in mind that we are ready for whatever life throws at us. Here’s to hoping for epic times ahead! 

Happy New Year!

Karthick and Arun are students of PGP 2018-2020 batch of IIM Bangalore and members of Student Media Cell.

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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