Nexus 2019

Nexus 2019 kickstarted off on 26th January with the final presentations from the finalists across the country. The theme of Nexus 2019 was India: Unravelling Uncertainties. The case given to the students was about the poor education system in Madhya Pradesh and how to overcome the challenges they currently face. There were 15 submissions from various teams for the same and 8 were shortlisted for the final round. Prof. Damodaran and Prof. Gopal Naik from Economics and Social Sciences background from IIM Bangalore helped the organizing teams as judges and evaluated the presentations based on 6 parameters including innovation, market research inputs, the roadmap of the solution, etc. All the teams discussed in detail about the attendance issues due to child labor, low teachers to students ratio, etc. Many teams proposed suggestions about the budget allocation, changes in curriculum, special training for teachers, consolidation or collaboration between schools, how state and central government could help and various other teach based suggestions. Judges appreciated and criticized the teams based on their feasibility, and their short-term and long-term strategies of implementation, etc.

With a serious faceoff between the finalists in the morning, the speaker session in the evening had a higher expectation. Hon’ble Smt. Smriti Irani was on time for the speaker session at 6 pm with Director of IIM Bangalore welcoming her. The session started with lighting of the lamp by the guests. The keynote session started with Smt. Smriti Irani discussing the theme of Nexus and how it was an appropriate topic to ponder upon on Republic Day. She spoke about the patriotic feeling we should have and how the military force is working for the nation bringing the country together as per the slogan – “One Flag One Nation”. Session proceeded with an interactive session where students asked her a few burning questions about various government initiatives. Various questions about initiatives in the textile industry were brought up and how standard sizes will revolutionize the industry. Smt. Smriti Irani answered all of them with precise data and how the government is bringing various departments like agriculture, exports etc together in achieving these goals. She also spoke about the importance of automation and how it has been improving the livelihood of cotton farmers. She said that the government is working very hard in creating awareness about various technologies to the farmers.

The session ended with the prize distribution to the top 2 teams of the final round. The runner up team had three 2nd year PGP students from IIM Bangalore and the winners were Mradul Yadav and Shivani Bansal from IIM Lucknow.

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