Prerna@Eximius – The Road that Made All the Difference

Entrepreneurs hold the courage to take the road less travelled, to carry on in the face of adversities. This spirit of entrepreneurship is not just restricted to students who are on the verge of taking decisions about their career paths, or to professionals who want to do something on their own; it is present in everyone.I

In the spirit of EXIMIUS’14, Vikasana – the social service club of IIM Bangalore in collaboration with Entrepreneurship & Innovations Cell is organizing Prerna, a workshop dedicated to inspiring marginalized women to take up entrepreneurship. These women have survived hardships, cruelty and humiliation in their lives. They have survived some of the toughest situations and have succeeded in coming out of them. Through this workshop we intend to bring them back to the normal walk of life; to inculcate in them the feeling of independence.

The workshop will see participation of women who have been rescued from domestic violence, physical abuse and trafficking by an NGO called Vidyaranya. Vocational training will be provided to the women in the skills of art & craft making like pen stands, photo frames, and lamps using paper and cardboard. The group would also be exposed to the work done by others in similar fields and made aware of the various opportunities available in terms of funding their ideas into reality.

This workshop will also have the active participation of another NGO called Rang-De. This organization helps other NGOs in finding funding for their inhabitants. It provides them the opportunity to convert their dreams into reality. It inspires in them a sense of independence and helps them fulfil their dreams. Representatives from Rang De would be present at the workshop to share with these women their success stories and to give them a sense of direction which will hopefully set them on the Road Less Travelled.

The products made by the women would also be displayed in an exhibition-cum-sale on IIM Bangalore campus during the festival. This would provide them exposure and bring their talents into the spotlight as thousands of entrepreneurs, corporate and students who will be visiting IIMB during EXIMIUS ’14.

We hope this workshop equips them with the confidence and skills to lay the foundations for their independence and stability. It is our vision to continue to provide such support to the less privileged sections of society in keeping with the spirit of social service that Vikasana stands for.

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