Remembering my first days at IIM Bangalore…

A sense of achievement greets you as the Uber pulls in at the gate. You roll down your window as the Security guard asks you to alight and enter your name. It slowly hits you, that you have made it to the place where you wanted to ‘B’ and you look forward to 2 fulfilling years ahead.

Life really comes around.

The Past- Just 5-6 months ago, you were rushing to bell an elusive animal, then frantically brushing through newspapers and GK hoping to answer interview questions correctly, picking out the perfect suit and dressing to impress and finally logging in with 7-digit ID’s to check your fate.

The Present- Scanning biometrics, ’networking’ via Antakshari and sports, trying to recollect names and matching them to faces and finally getting a new 7-digit which will be prominently flashed at your place in the classroom.

Highlighting some of the feelings evinced in the first few weeks at IIM B would not be fair as a paragraph, a listicle is needed to bucket them (just goes to show what compartmentalising knowledge for a year can do to you)

The Campus- Straight out of a Tolkien novel, bathed in sunlight, drenched in rain- the campus architecture never fails to impress. Green & grey is synonymous with the IIMB campus offering 100+ acres for you to explore. Walking trails for the mornings, granite benches for the afternoon group project meeting and football fields and an OAT for the “occasional” sundry evening on campus.
The PGP- You don’t just define something as the toughest programme in the world to get into- you also ensure that it rigorously tests mettle and grit while the candidate goes through it! Your plate (and consequentially mind) will stretch across 3 terms as you explore Finance, Marketing, OB and Economics. Quite naturally, you will alternate between seeking CA friends to teach you accounting, SRCC graduates for economics, and coffee & puzzled expressions for the rest.
The Community- The IIM B community is unbelievably strong and close knit. It takes no time to identify that there is no dearth of talent- be it on the field, in the pages or at the mike. The plethora of clubs and societies on campus give you the opportunity to harness that talent and use the same to win fans friends and consequentially improve your resume social profile.
The Food- Here is where two sets of people form at IIM B. Fresher’s, swear by the hostel mess, ravenously gulping hot chappatis & sending up a thankful prayer for dal with more pulses than water. On the other hand, you find PGP 2’s and work-ex folks whose enthusiasm for mess food recedes with fond memories of ‘maa ka khana’ and/or internship stipends and reimbursements of food bills.

The feelings you will have at IIM B will remain unique. It will be a roller-coaster ride for sure- just hold on and have fun!


Adityesh Mitra

PGP 2016-18

IIM Bangalore

Media Cell IIMB is the student run outreach and communication committee of IIM Bangalore dedicated to form the bridge within the student community and the outside world.

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