Sangharsh 2018 – Day 1 and Day 2

The first two days of Sangharsh 2018 were filled with enthusiasm, excitement, competitive spirit and passion not only from the contingents of the four IIMs, but also the crowd. The hosting IIMB campus has been ringing with cheers day in and day out, as a series of hard-fought matches have managed to bring the busy MBA students to the field.

IIMA won the opening match of the 3-day event, defeating the hosts 1-0 in their Men’s Football League match. However, IIMB’s Women’s Cricket team turned the tables on their IIMA counterparts, knocking them out by winning by 7 wickets.

IIMC’s Badminton teams had the perfect start to their campaigns, as they defeated both IIMA’s Men’s and Women’s teams. IIML’s Women’s Badminton team had a stroll as well, winning both of their matches. Their Men’s Badminton team, however, lost to the hosts in a close 2-3 defeat.

Like their Women’s Badminton team, IIML’s Men’s Basketball team have enjoyed their campaign so far, having defeated IIMA and IIMC. IIMB’s Men’s Basketball team had a mixed outing, defeating IIMA but losing to IIMC. IIML’s Women’s Basketball team pipped their IIMC counterparts in their league match, winning by a close margin of 8-7. IIMA’s Women’s Basketball team were crushed by the hosts 11-19, but bouncing back to defeat IIML by 29-21.

IIMB’s Volleyball contingent had a dream start, as their Men’s team defeated IIML, while their Women’s team cruised past IIML and IIMA. The hosts were, however, knocked out by IIMA in the Hockey tournament, losing 0-1 in a hard-fought match. Their Squash, Tennis and Throwball counterparts haven’t failed to impress though, having won all their matches so far.

IIML’s Chess team emerged out to be the dominant team in the League 1 roundup, winning two and drawing one of their three matches. However, their Carrom team couldn’t repeat such a performance on the board, as they lost to the hosts 1-3.

IIMC’s Men’s Football team dominated the hosts on the field throughout the match, comfortably winning by a 2-0 margin. Their Women’s Futsal team was impressive too, knocking out IIMA 1-0.

The fight for the prestigious trophy has managed to bring out the best out of all contingents and crowd so far. As the remaining League and Final matches await, Sangharsh 2018 promises to be the most exciting and competitive edition of all time.

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